ICSE Class 9

ICSE Class 9 is a crucial grade where students have to focus on all the subjects as it is supposed to be the foundation of higher classes. To grow clear with your goal and knowledge, you ought to start your preparation right from Class 9. The syllabus of higher classes is the continuation of Class 9, and hence, good command on different subjects right from ICSE Class 9 is mandatory. At BYJU’S, provide the ICSE 9th students with comprehensive study material to prepare students to score better in the exam.

ICSE Class 9 Table of content

Subjects in ICSE Class 9

The subjects of ICSE Class 9 are mentioned below which students will be taught in that respective academic year. All the subjects are compulsory for Class 9 students to study from the exam point of view. Students need to appear for the subjects mentioned below in their final exam. ICSE 9 students should prepare themselves accordingly to the mentioned ICSE Class 9 subjects.

Syllabus of ICSE Class 9

ICSE Class 9 syllabus of all the subjects are designed as per the guidelines of the Board. The ICSE 9 syllabus offers a conceptual background and lays the groundwork for the Class 10 board exams. The syllabus consists of course structure, weightage of marks for each unit and number of periods allocated to each chapter, projects and assignments.

Selina Solution for ICSE Class 9

Students should refer to ICSE 9th Selina book solution while solving the textbook solutions of Concise Selina. The solutions are solved by our highly skilled subject experts accurately in a simple language so that students can easily understand it. It is framed according to the ICSE Class 9 syllabus and practising Class 9 Selina solutions on a regular basis will make your concepts strong, which in turn will help to fetch good marks.

Sample Papers for ICSE Class 9

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 9 help students to get a good idea on what to expect in the exam. By solving these sample papers get to know the question paper pattern, weightage of questions under each section and marking scheme. Our subject experts prepare the sample papers of ICSE Class 9 as per the ICSE Class 9 syllabus of all the subjects. For ICSE Class 9 students solving sample question papers should be on the priority list once they are done with the revision.

Important Questions for ICSE Class 9

ICSE Class 9 important questions are prepared by our highly skilled subject experts with a motto of helping the students in their exam preparation. It will help them learn effectively. These important questions provide students with an advanced level of preparation to ace in their Class 9 board exams. By solving the important questions of ICSE Class 9, students will get the first hand on the final board exam paper.

ICSE Class 9 Books

Students need to be thorough with the latest ICSE Class 9 syllabus and should have access to proper ICSE Class 9 books. The topics in these books are explained in an easy way to help the students grasp the concepts more efficiently. Most of these books also include several practice questions to help the students analyze their preparation level and strategize accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions on ICSE Class 9

Will ICSE Class 9 students have board exams?

ICSE Class 9 does not have board exams but provides sufficient information to qualify the ICSE Class 10 exams effortlessly.

Is ICSE Class 9 difficult to study?

No, ICSE Class 9 is very challenging for the students which can be cleared with sufficient practice and revision.

How many hours should I study ICSE Class 9 on a daily basis?

About 6-8 hours of regular studies is necessary for the students of ICSE Class 9 to perform well in the final exams.


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