ICSE Class 9

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The significance of building a strong base in class 9, so that you can perform to the best of your abilities in the more important exams in future, is quite high. Class 9 is generally observed to be one with a considerably vast syllabus and topics which are a little difficult for the students to understand as a lot of new topics are introduced in class 9 . But, learning is never difficult if done in the right way. This way to learn is explored in a full-fledged manner at Byju’s. You can avail video lessons on all topics in Maths and Science at Byju’s. We also provide you with study material and practice tests.

Adaptive learning is a concept that has helped many in doing effective learning .At Byju’s we provide you with interactive learning sessions with the best teachers available, who will guide you through your learning process . Analysis of the students’ performance will be available very soon once they are done with their tests. The mentors will help you through the process of improving your potential. One-on-one sessions with mentors are also available wherein you can sit with your teachers personally and clear all your doubts. Learning is fun with BYJU’S

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