ICSE Sample Papers for Class 8 Chemistry

The ICSE Class 8 final examination is a critical examination as your Class 8 result plays a very vital role in forming a suitable podium as it is the stepping stone towards the very dreaded exams of Class 9 and Class 10. The concepts of Class 8 are essential to succeed as well as to understand the difficult concepts of higher grades. The ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Examination can be cleared with ease if proper practice with ICSE Sample Papers for Class 8 Chemistry is done. Therefore it is inevitable to put your best effort into preparing for the ICSE Class 8 exams.

BYJU’S brings you the list of ICSE sample papers for Class 8 Chemistry that covers all the essential topics and questions From the ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Syllabus. Your efforts and hard work can be assessed on the basis of how well you solve the sample papers.

Students should practice these sample papers regularly to gain their confidence while writing the final question paper. With the help of the ICSE Class 8 sample paper, Chemistry students can clear their doubts regarding any difficult topics. These sample papers are a valuable resource while preparing for exams. Students of ICSE Class 8 preparation will be incomplete without working on sample papers which help to fortify your ICSE exam preparation.

Download ICSE Class 8 Chemistry sample papers from the links given in the table below.

ICSE Sample Paper for Class 8 Chemistry Set 1
ICSE Sample Paper for Class 8 Chemistry Set 2

Benefits of practising with Sample Papers

  • Solving sample papers benefits in a number of ways to perform better and come up with an impressive outcome in the end.
  • Time management and, in effect, revision are some of the significant benefits of solving the ICSE Class 8 Chemistry sample papers.
  • The sample papers not only make you aware of the exam pattern but also give you a better idea of the time needed to solve the Chemistry question paper.
  • You get to assess your knowledge along with speed, aiding you to keep a check on your efficiency in answering the questions in an allotted time.


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  1. best concept taught in balancing a chemical equartion
    thank u