ICSE Class 9 Biology Syllabus


ICSE class 9 biology syllabus introduces the students to a wide spectrum of biological topics. Understanding these basic topics is of utmost importance as the topics form the foundation of several higher level biology topics.

The syllabus of class 9 biology is designed in a way that the ICSE class 9 students get acquainted with all the important and basic biology topics while developing their analytical, practical, theoretical and observational skills.

The updated ICSE syllabus for class 9 biology is given below in the table.

ICSE Class 9 Biology Syllabus

(Science Paper 3)

Sl. No.

Chapter Name



Basic Biology

  • Introduction to cells, protoplasm, differences between- prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells and animal & plant cells
  • Tissues and types of animal and plants tissues


Flowering Plants

  • Introduction to Vegetative Propagation- artificial propagation methods, their importance and their advantages & disadvantages
  • Hybridization and Micro Propagation
  • A brief discussion on biotechnology and its applications in medicine and industry
  • Flowers, functions of various parts of flowers and structure of a bisexual flower
  • Pollination (self and cross pollination)
  • Fertilization


Plant Physiology

  • Structure of dicot and monocot seeds
  • Germination of seeds, its types, and suitable conditions
  • Respiration in plants (introduction to the respiration process and gaseous exchange)


Diversity in living organisms / Ecosystems

  • Understanding of ecosystems, its definition and Interaction between biotic & abiotic factors
  • Discussion about the five Kingdom classification
  • Economic importance of Bacteria and Fungi


Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • Nutrition and classes of food with a discussion about balanced diet, Malnutrition & various deficiency diseases
  • Structure and types of teeth
  • Digestive systems
  • Movement and locomotion including an introduction to skeleton & types of skeletons and joints
  • Structure and functions of skin
  • Respiratory systems and discussion about the organs, breathing mechanism, heat production and tissue respiration


Health and Hygiene

  • Causes of diseases
  • Bacteria, its types, bacterial control and three examples of diseases caused by bacteria
  • Virus and its nature with three examples of viral diseases
  • Parasites, its examples and their control
  • Introduction to endemic, epidemic, pandemic & sporadic diseases
  • Discussion about Hygiene (personal & public hygiene, disease careers, water-borne diseases)


Waste Generation and Management

  • Sources of waste- domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc.
  • Methods of safe disposal of waste like segregation, incineration, composting, etc.

The syllabus given above is detailed and is according to the latest CISCE curriculum and guidelines. Students are suggested to go through this biology syllabus properly and have a comprehensive knowledge of the respective topics.

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