How to Prepare for ICSE Class 12 board exam 2020

How to Prepare for ICSE Class 12 board exam 2018

ICSE board is all set to conduct Indian School Certificate (ISC) Class 12 board examination. As exams are just a month away, students must have experienced a kind of stress and pressure situation or might have some kind of exam blues. Don’t worry since we have some useful tips regarding preparation for class 12 board exam.

Scoring well in ICSE and ISC is not so difficult. Just focus on some key aspects of preparing for the examination, and then it won’t be difficult to score best. Here are some of the best tips to ace in your Class 12 board exam.

Know your tasks

Set your targets for each and every subject. Decide what all you need to cover in a required amount of time. Don’t start with lengthy Units. Start with shorter and manageable chapters so that you can fetch confidence and once you attain a flow, then go for lengthy units.

Plan your routine

Prepare a timetable which you can follow. Make a list of all the subjects along with number of days you need to cover. If you feel that it’s difficult to study for longer hours, for instance, let’s say 4 hours a day, then break it down into two subjects per day i.e. 2 hours for each subject. Tough subjects can be allotted with more time, and a little less for the one which seems easier to you.

For instance, make a list of all the formulas of every unit, Derivations, and theorems. Solve as many sample papers and try to practice at least ten problems a day. Same for chemistry, try to practice named reactions as many times and make a list of important points to remember. Practice diagrams when it comes to biology.

Allocate some time for relaxation

Divide your working hours in such a way that you should be able to relax after completion of a particular topic or chapter. Do what you feel would make you feel relaxed. It may be listening to music, cup of coffee, or just have a small walk around and take a sip of water.

Solve previous years papers

Take out the subjects you need to study as per the timetable and search for previous years question papers of at least last five years. It helps you analyze the portions of the subjects from where questions are framed frequently set, and you can plan your preparation accordingly.

Stay away from all the personal stress

Avoid all the unnecessary phone calls and social networking sites since, all these can act as a distraction and nothing else. You can get in touch with these soon after you are done with the examination.

Avoid any measures of cheating in exams

The time you have to give for means of cheating is more than what you actually need to prepare for a lesson if the above tips are followed correctly.

We hope that the students will gain maximum benefit from above-mentioned advice and bring excellent results in their exams. To know more tips to prepare, please visit BYJU’

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