ISC Class 11 Biology

Biology is one of the main subjects that the Class 11 science group students learn. The subject, Biology, comprises the study of the physical and chemical structure of the different types of living organisms, their internal functions, growth, etc. ISC class 11 Biology study materials are essential for students preparing for Class 11 examination. Question and topics from vital topics of the textbooks are covered in these study materials provided. The students will get an idea of the type of questions that can be expected in the Class 11th examination as well from these study materials. Getting through with these study materials will also help you in eradicating the exam fear in the students.

ISC Class 11 Biology Chapters

The Living World

Mineral Nutrition

Biological Classification

Photosynthesis in higher plants

Plant Kingdom

Respiration in Plants

Animal Kingdom

Plant Growth and Development

Morphology of Flowering Plants

Digestion and Absorption

Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Breathing and exchange of gases

Structural Organisation in Animals

Body fluids and circulation

Cell – the Unit of Life

Excretory products and their elimination


Locomotion and Movement

Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Chemical Co-ordination and Integration

Transport in Plants

ISC Class 11 Biology Syllabus

ISC Class 11 Biology Sample paper

ISC Class 11 Biology Important questions

ISC Class 11 Biology Videos

How to Present your Answers in ISC Class 11 Biology Examination?

  • Write neatly and avoid overwriting on your answer sheet
  • Make use of a pen of black colour to highlight and blue pen to write the answer or vice versa.
  • Don’t worry about the number of pages; ensure to start every new section from a new page.
  • Use diagrams to your answer, wherever possible; it increases the chances of getting a better score.

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