ICSE Class 9 Syllabus

Download New Syllabus for ICSE class 9

ICSE class 9 syllabus introduces a variety of important topics. The subjects, especially maths and science (physics, chemistry and biology) includes fundamentals of various important topics that would be required in ICSE class 10, 12, competitive exams and even in professional courses.

So, students in class 9 are required to be thorough with all the concepts and chapters in the syllabus. To help the students get the updated syllabus, the latest ICSE class 9 syllabus is provided for the subjects of maths, physics, chemistry and biology.

The syllabus given here is according to the latest guidelines of CISCE. CISCE, i.e. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, is responsible for conducting the ICSE exam (class 10) and ISC exam (class 12). The board also frames the curriculum and all the affiliated schools follow that.

Class 9 students are suggested to go through the syllabus topics properly and prepare accordingly. It is important to be thorough with all the basic concepts to be able to comprehend chapter in the next grade efficiently.

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Practise This Question

The resistance a solution A is 50 ohm and that of solution B is 100 ohm, both solutions are taken in the same conductivity cell. If equal volumes of solution A and B are mixed, what is the resistance of the mixture using the same cell? (Assume there is no change or increase in the α of A and B on mixing)