ISC Class 12 Biology

ISC Class 12 Biology has to be learnt well by the students who wish to pursue medicine. Biology derives from the terms “bio” and “logy”. Bio denotes life, and logy is a generally used suffix which means science or study. So, Biology arises to mean science or the study of life. Students have to learn all the related diagrams and explanations in a precise manner in order to score good marks. The ISC Exam marks will help them to get good admissions to a college of their choice.

The two broad branches of Biology are botany, the study of plants, and zoology, the study of animals.  Then, there are branches like microbiology, dealing with the study of microorganisms, and more. The ISC Class 12 deals with all the important topics in the subject of Biology, and a wide range of study materials are essential for excellent performance in the examination.

Exam Preparation Tips for ISC Class 12 Biology

  1. Get familiarised with the question paper pattern.
  2. Study the basics first and stick to the syllabus
  3. Be precise with the diagrams and terminologies
  4. Solve previous papers and sample papers
  5. Revise well, particularly the important topics

ISC Class 12 Biology Chapters

Reproduction in Organisms Strategies for enhancement in food production
Sexual reproduction in flowering plants Microbes in Human Welfare
Human Reproduction Biotechnology and its applications
Reproductive Health Organisms and Populations
Principles of Inheritance and Variation Ecosystem
Molecular Basis of Inheritance Biodiversity and its Conservation
Evolution Environmental Issues
Human Health and Diseases

ISC Class 12 Biology Syllabus

ISC Class 12 Biology Previous Year Paper

ISC Class 12 Biology Sample Paper

ISC Class 12 Biology Important Questions

ISC Class 12 Biology Videos

Answer Presentation Strategies for ISC Class 12 Biology Examination

  • Write neatly and draw the diagrams using a sharp pencil.
  • Use a ruler to label the diagram, and it is suggested to label the diagrams on the right side of the paper.
  • Underline important keywords and phrases in the answer.
  • Start new sections from a new page.
  • Include diagrams even if the question does not state


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