ICSE Class 10 Physics

Physics is that arm of the very vast subject of science which is concerned with the characteristics and interactions of space, time, matter and energy. Physics is often referred to as the study of everything. The world would never be functioning the way we see it today without physics. The study of the properties of matter, energy and their mutual relationship also falls under the subject physics.

How to prepare for ICSE Class 10 Physics Examination?

  1. Dedicate at least 3 hours a day to study the topics taught that day.
  2. Solve as many sample papers possible to get an idea of the questions that could be asked.
  3. Practice numerical problems.
  4. Solve previous year question papers and get an idea of the repeated questions.

ICSE Class 10 Physics Chapters



Work, Energy and Power

Current Electricity


Electrical Power and Household Circuits

Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces


Refraction Through a Lens




ICSE Class 10 Physics Syllabus

ICSE Class 10 Physics Previous Year Paper

ICSE Class 10 Physics Selina Solutions

ICSE Class 10 Physics Sample paper

ICSE Class 10 Physics Important questions

ICSE Class 10 Physics Videos

Why is solving previous year question papers important for ICSE Class 10 physics exam preparation?

  • Previous year question papers provide a quick glance at how the questions have been asked in the past.
  • Previous year question papers give an idea about the repeated questions.
  • Previous years papers are the best source to get an idea of the difficulty level of the questions asked.
  • Previous years papers help in getting to know what is important and what is not.

Practise This Question

What is the major function of aqueous humour?