ICSE Class 10

The ICSE class 10 board exam is unquestionably the first major exam in the life of any individual as it is at this point of life that the destiny of the students’ shapes for successive years. The class 10 exam is the first national-level exam that the students attempt and, due to the same reason, it gives a nightmare to numerous students writing the exam.

The subjects are sketched very strategically and help the students to get guided by the lessons and knowledge imparted to them. The subjects, namely physics, biology, chemistry and maths demand the students be entirely occupied in them and enjoy learning along with gathering knowledge.

ICSE Class 10 Table of content

Subjects in ICSE class 10





Selina Solutions for ICSE class 10

Mathematics Selina Solutions

Physics Selina Solutions

Chemistry Selina Solutions

Biology Selina Solutions

Mathematics Previous Year Papers

Physics Previous Year Papers

Chemistry Previous Year Papers

Biology Previous Year Papers

Mathematics Syllabus

Physics Syllabus

Chemistry Syllabus

Biology Syllabus

Mathematics Sample Papers

Physics Sample Papers

Chemistry Sample Papers

Biology Sample Papers

Mathematics important Questions

Physics important Questions

Chemistry important Questions

Biology important Questions

Science Working Models for ICSE Class 10


Practise This Question

In a series LCR circit R = 10 Ω  and the impedance Z = 20 Ω . Then the phase difference between the current and the voltage is

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