Tips to Prepare for ICSE Class 10 Biology Exam

Biology means the study of life. It is derived from the terms’ bio means life and logy, meaning science or study. Biology is divided into two branches – Botany, or the study of plants, and Zoology, or the study of animals. Then, there are branches like microbiology, a field of study that deals with the study of microorganisms. For ICSE Class 10 students Biology is a favourite subject as they can score well in this subject if they put in hard work and practice the diagrams.

Most students are under the impression that they can score very high marks in Biology. However, they should remember that though the questions appear to be very easy, the marks they score depends upon how well they present their answers on the answer sheet. ICSE Class 10 Biology question paper is divided into two sections.

Section I – Objective type questions) – 40 marks

Section II – (Explanation type Questions) – 40 marks.

Given below are some tips to prepare well for ICSE Class 10 Biology subject

Tips to follow while preparing for ICSE Class 10 Biology Exam

Biology is a content-based subject which needs to be memorized. It requires multiple readings and revisions.

Students should create a proper study schedule giving time and focus on scoring units and chapters they are weak in.

Revising the entire syllabus and the keynotes help students to get a grip on the whole curriculum without wasting too much energy.

The diagrams should be practised routinely so that students do not miss any part of the diagram or the minute details from it during the examination. Go through the diagrams thoroughly before the exam.

Preparing by noting down the important topics at the time of regular studies can help a lot at the last-minute preparation and going through them can build up strong basics.

It is advised to read the ICSE Class 10 Biology textbook regularly and also cover as many sample papers as possible, which will introduce you to a variety of questions.

Prepare the projects and activities along with the practical work as quickly as possible to concentrate on the theory and complete the entire syllabus.

Solve previous year question papers and take note of the common questions that have been asked and observe how the questions should be answered.

Take as many practise tests as possible.

ICSE Class 10 Biology Marking Scheme


Percentage External Examination

Marks Internal Examination




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