ICSE Class 6 Important Questions

It is important to have a strong base or foundation in the subjects of maths and science, right from a younger age to understand most of that is taught in the higher classes. Class 6 is considered to be the basic class where you actually start learning all the mark oriented subjects and topics. ICSE board might sound difficult to the students but it is not. Practicality and applied subjects are focused more on the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education board. The students of ICSE get to be a step ahead of the students from other board and hence, a thorough study routine is necessary for the ICSE students to in order to stand out among the students as well as to score better.

It is often hard for students to revise every topic of a subject on the day before your examination. Hence, knowing the important questions of each topic will help you in revising efficiently. Solving the important questions on the previous day of your examination will help you in attaining the skill of solving a similar type of questions that would be asked in the exams.

Click on the links given below to download the subject wise ICSE Class 6 Important Questions

Practise This Question

Find the additive inverse of -3.

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