ICSE Class 9 Geography Syllabus

ICSE Class 9 Geography Syllabus is available in PDF format so that students can access it for free. Class 9 Geography Syllabus helps them to get acquainted with the topics and the exam pattern to be followed during the academic year. Furthermore, ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Geography provides a clear understanding of the marking scheme and question paper pattern. Here, we have provided the Geography Syllabus, along with the topics for the Internal Assessment and marking scheme of the ICSE Class 9.

Students can also download the Class 9 ICSE Geography Syllabus PDF from the link below.

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ICSE Class 9 Geography Syllabus – Principles of Geography

1. Our World

(i)Earth as a planet

(ii)Geographic grid-Latitudes & Longitudes

(iii) Rotation and Revolution

2. Structure of the Earth

(i)Earth’s Structure

(ii) Landforms of theEarth

(iii)Rocks-difference between minerals and rocks, types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, their characteristics and formation; rock cycle.



(vi)Weatheringand Denudation

3. Hydrosphere

Meaning of hydrosphere

Tides-formation and pattern.

OceanCurrents–their circulation pattern and effects (Specifically of GulfStream, North Atlantic Drift, Labrador Current, Kuro Shio and Oya Shio.)

4. Atmosphere

(i)Composition and structure of the atmosphere

(ii) Insolation

(iii)Atmospheric Pressure and Winds.

(iv) Humidity

5. Pollution

(a) Types – air, water (fresh and marine), soil, radiation and noise.

(b) Sources:

  • Noise: Traffic, factories, construction sites, loudspeakers, airports.
  • Air: vehicular, industrial, burning of garbage.
  • Water: domestic and industrial waste.
  • Soil: chemical fertilizers, biomedical waste and pesticides.
  • Radiation: X-rays; radioactive fallout from nuclear plants.

(c) Effects – on the environment and human health.

(d) Preventive Measures

6. Natural Regions of the World

Location, area, climate, natural vegetation and human adaptation.

7. Map Work

ICSE Class 9 Geography Internal Assessment – Practical Work/Project Work

1. A record file having any three of the following exercises will be maintained. (The file will be evaluated out of 10 marks).

(a) Uses of important types of maps.
(b) Directions and how to identify them – an illustrative diagram.
(c) Reading and using statement of scale, graphic scale and scale shown by representative fraction method. (No drawing work, only explaining their meanings).
(d) Reading of one town guide map or an atlas map. (Recognising the symbols and colours used, identifying directions and distances).
(e) Drawing and recognising forms of important contours, viz. valleys, ridges, types of slopes, conical hill, plateau, escarpment and sea cliff.
(f) Drawing at least one sketch map to organize information about visiting an important place, a zoo or a monument.

2. Candidates will be required to prepare a project report on any one topic. The topics for assignments may be selected from the list of suggested assignments given below. Candidates can also take up an assignment of their choice under any of the four broad areas given below. (The project will be evaluated out of 10 marks).

Suggested list of Assignments:

(a) Weather records: Maintaining and interpreting weather records as found in the newspaper for at least one season.

(b) Collection of data from secondary sources: {Using Modern techniques, i.e., Global Positioning System(GPS), Remote Sensing, Aerial Photography and Satellite imageries}: Preparing a PowerPoint presentation on current issues like–use of earth resources/ development activities/dangers of development and ecological disasters like droughts, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, landslides cyclones and tornadoes in the world.

(c) Physical Features:  Collection of data from primary and secondary sources or taking photographs and preparing notional sketches of features found in the vicinity or areas visited during the year as a part of school activity.

(d) Find out the sources of pollution of water bodies in the locality and determine the quality of water.

(e) Collect information on global environmental issues and problems and communicate your findings through appropriate modes (posters, charts, collages, cartoons, handouts, essays, street plays and PowerPoint presentation).

(f) Area Studies:  Choosing any aspect from World Studies and preparing a PowerPoint presentation or a write-up on it.

(g) Meteorological Instruments and their uses: Six’s maximum and minimum thermometer, mercury barometer, aneroid barometer, wind vane, anemometer, rain gauge and hygrometer.

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Frequently Asked Questions on ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Geography


Is the ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Geography sufficient for students preparing for the final exam?

The ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Geography is prepared in a way that students can learn the concepts and important matters effectively. Based on the exam pattern and marks weightage, students will be able to analyse the concepts which are important for the final exam and work on them for a good score.

By using the ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Geography, will I be able to score 100 marks in the final exam?

The ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Geography is one of the best guides for students who wish to score 100 marks. The main purpose of preparing the syllabus PDF is to enhance the conceptual understanding among students, which is crucial from the exam perspective. It also helps to improve the ability to answer the question paper within the stipulated time.

How to study using the ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Geography?

When it comes to exam preparation, it is necessary for students to first know the important concepts in a particular subject. For this reason, students have to go through the syllabus PDF and understand the marks weightage of each concept.


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