ICSE Class 8 Physics Important Questions

Physics may be a subject that’s thought of as terribly tough because it includes advanced mathematical calculations, formulas and theorems along with the derivations and theory to be told. Having a correct understanding of all the numerical problems and theory enhances the students’ interest in the subject and might assist them in learning the advanced topics that are bound to arise in higher classes. Being aware of the vital question from all the different topics of ICSE Class 8 Physics syllabus will equip the students with all the necessary preparations for the exam.

ICSE Class 8 Physics important questions by BYJU’S is prepared by subject specialists with a mission to assist you in saving time in sorting the questions that are important. These important questions of Chemistry will refresh and update the concepts prescribed in the syllabus. Students should go through all the important questions and try to solve them once they are thorough with the syllabus. To help the ICSE Class 8 students in terms of preparation, these important questions are necessary to study.

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  1. For which position of an object does a convex lens form a real and inverted image of the same size as that of the object? Draw a labelled ray diagram to show the formation of the required image.
  2. What is a galaxy? Name the different kinds of galaxies.
  3. Identify the poles of the magnet in figures (1) and (2) below:
    ICSE Class 8 Physics Important Questions
  4. What is electromagnetic induction?
  5. In what way can the magnitude of the induced current be increased?
  6. Water wets the glass surface, while mercury does not. Explain.
  7. Give three differences between myopia and hypermetropia.
  8. What are the do’s and don’ts during a thunderstorm when you are outside the house?
  9. For what purposes is solar energy used?
  10. Describe the advantages of the high specific heat capacity of water as a coolant.
  11. What happens to the equivalent resistance and the current in a parallel circuit when more and more resistances are added?
  12. Name the physical quantity whose unit is volt/ampere.
  13. What is meant by the potential difference between the two points?
  14. Write a note on tides.
  15. Ram throws a stone in the pond. It displaces 1.5 kg of water. Calculate the buoyant force acting on the stone (g = 9.8 m/s2).
  16. ‘A ray of light incident on a rectangular glass slab immersed in any medium emerges parallel to itself”. Draw a labelled ray diagram to justify the statement.
  17. State the rules for the construction of ray diagrams for a convex lens along with the ray diagram.
  18. How much current will an electric bulb draw from a 220 V source if the resistance of the filament of the bulb is 1200 W?
  19. What is Pascal’s law? Demonstrate it with the help of an experiment.
  20. Land breeze is set up during the night. Why?

Importance of ICSE Class 8 Physics Important Questions

  • It gives an idea about the types of questions to be expected from each chapter.
  • ICSE Important Questions will uplift your confidence level while solving the final paper.
  • It covers all the essential topics that need to be studied.
  • It is a valuable resource from the exam point of view.


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