ICSE Class 1 Maths Syllabus

ICSE Class 1 Mathematics introduces the students to the astounding world of mathematics. Understanding and getting familiarised with the topics of Maths is very important to get through with the basic concepts of Mathematics like counting and more.

The ICSE Class 1 mathematics syllabus is designed in such a way that the kids will get acquainted with all the basic and important topics of mathematics without feeling the pressure of studies.

Download ICSE Class 1 Maths Syllabus PDF

The topics included in the syllabus of ICSE Class 1 Maths is given below:

  1. Numbers up to 20
  2. Place Value
  3. Numbers up to 100
  4. Addition up to 99
  5. Subtraction up to 99
  6. Multiplication
  7. Division
  8. Shapes
  9. Measurement
  10. Time
  11. Money
  12. Data Handling
  13. Patterns

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