ICSE Selina Class 8 Maths Solution

ICSE Class 8 Maths Solutions are prepared by our expert faculty to help students in their board preparations. The Class 8 Selina Maths solution of Chapters 1-23 are provided here. Students of the ICSE can download the ICSE Class 8 Selina Solution of Maths to find a better approach of solving the questions. These solutions will also help students to have a deeper understanding of concepts covered in the textbook. Concise Mathematics Class 8 Solutions are provided below which can help students to clear their doubts easily.

ICSE Concise Selina Class 8 Maths Solutions of all chapters:

Check out the chapter-wise solutions of Concise Selina Class 8 Maths from the table below.

Selina Solutions Concise Mathematics For Class 8 Chapters Description

The chapter descriptions of all the chapters that you learn in ICSE Class 8 have been provided below. Learning the concepts and the problem-solving method of these chapters using BYJU’S Concise Selina Solutions will help the students in securing high marks in the Class 8 Maths examination.

Chapter 1 – Rational Numbers

The first chapter of Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 Solutions deals with the definition of rational numbers and their properties, representation of rational numbers on the number line, addition of rational numbers, verifying the commutative property of rational numbers and subtraction of rational numbers. Solving these exercises will ensure that students can score good marks in the exams.

Chapter 2 – Exponents (Powers)

Chapter 2 of Selina Publishers Concise Mathematics for Class 8 Solutions deals with the exponents of a rational number and its related concepts like laws of exponents, negative integral exponent of a rational number, positive exponent of a rational number and standard form of a number. Meanwhile, in this chapter students get to learn how to solve the numbers with the highest exponents by using the laws of exponents.

Chapter 3 – Squares and Square Roots

Chapter 3, Squares and Square Roots of Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 ICSE Solutions, gives an account of the various topics like, the definition of squares, perfect squares or square numbers, properties of perfect squares, a product of two consecutive odd or consecutive even numbers. Here, students can view the exercise explaining these concepts properly.

Chapter 4 – Cubes and Cube-Roots

In Chapter 4 of Concise Selina textbook, we shall see cube of a number, properties of cubes of numbers, shortcut method for finding the cube of a two-digit number, cube root of a negative perfect cube, cube root of the product of integers and objective type questions, which are provided to test students ability to solve. Our faculty at BYJU’S has created precise solutions in an interactive manner to help students perform well in their exams.

Chapter 5 – Playing with Numbers

Chapter 5 of Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 ICSE Solutions provides numbers in generalised form and checking the divisibility by using various numbers. The below exercises contain objective type questions to check upon the students ability to solve. Here you can find the exercises solution links for the topics covered in this chapter.

Chapter 6 – Sets

This chapter is about sets, we would review the topics discussed in the previous class and solve more problems based on it, which are provided in the Concise Selina textbook. Here, we have compiled the solutions to exercises from this chapter, which are provided in the below links.

Chapter 7 – Percent and Percentage

We shall discuss how to calculate the percentage, conversion of percentage to decimal and decimal to percentage and word problems related to the percentage in Chapter 7 of Concise Selina Solutions Class 8 Maths. Below we have listed links to the solutions for the exercise from this chapter.

Chapter 8 – Profit Loss and Discount

This chapter deals with profit and loss. By reviewing the basic facts and formulae studied earlier in the previous class, we shall apply those formulas again in this chapter. Now, along with the advance concepts mentioned i.e. profit percent and loss percent and lastly we have difficult types of questions to solve, you can check how well you have understood the concepts.

Chapter 9 – Simple and Compound Interest

In this chapter, students are introduced to the compound interest along with simple interest. The concepts covered in this chapter are to find the simple and compound interest when interest is compounded annually and half yearly without using formulae. Meanwhile, in this chapter, students get to learn how to calculate simple and compound interest by using formulae and applications of both.

Chapter 10 – Direct and Inverse Variation

In this chapter students get familiarized with direct and inverse variation. It explains that there is some relation between the variation in one quantity that depends on the variation in another quantity. By going through them students can easily get to know how the questions are being solved. 

Chapter 11 – Algebraic Expressions

Chapter 11 Concise Selina Class 8 Maths Solutions discusses the topic Algebraic Expressions. Students get to learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of algebraic expressions. 

Chapter 12 – Algebraic Identities

In Chapter 12 Algebraic Identities students will be thorough about algebraic identities. An identity is an equality, which is true for all variables. This topic is also included here. This chapter also deals with applications of those special identities or products. Here, we have given exercises with solutions based on these topics from the chapter.

Chapter 13 – Factorisation

Learn about Factorisation in Chapter 13 of Concise Selina Maths textbook. Other subtopics include factorisation when a common monomial factor occurs in each term, factorisation when a binomial is common, factorisation by grouping, factorisation when the given expression is a perfect square, factorisation of quadratic trinomials and lastly objective questions related to the above topics.

Chapter 14 – Linear Equation in One Variable

This chapter deals with the linear equations having one variable. In this chapter students will get to know about equations, which they will further study in the next chapter.

Chapter 15 – Linear Equations

In chapter 15 of the Selina textbook, we continue the discussions about equations starting with definition, rules for solving a linear equation, transposing and so on. This chapter also deals with the applications of linear equations and how to convert verbally given statements into equations.

Chapter 16 – Understanding Shapes

Chapter 16 of Concise Selina Maths Class 8 Solutions, Understanding shapes explains about properties of quadrilaterals, angle sum property, properties of parallelograms, kinds of quadrilaterals and theorems related to them.

Chapter 17 – Special Types of Quadrilaterals

Chapter 17 of Selina Publishers Concise Mathematics for Class 8 solutions PDF deals with the topic of Quadrilaterals. The topics that are discussed include vertices, sides, angles and diagonals of quadrilaterals. It also includes “angle sum property of quadrilateral” and different types of sides of quadrilaterals.

Chapter 18 – Constructions

Chapter 18 of Selina Publishers Mathematics for Class 8 solutions Constructions comes under the unit Geometry which discusses drawing of shapes, angles or lines accurately based on the requirements given.

Chapter 19 – Representing 3D in 2D

In this chapter of Middle School Mathematics Class 8 Selina Solutions, students concentrate on faces, vertices and edges of a three-dimensional figure such as cuboid, cube, prism, pyramid and so on. It also explains about “Euler’s relation for three-dimensional figures” very well, through examples.

Chapter 20 – Area of Trapezium and Polygon

Chapter 20 of Middle School Mathematics Class 8 Selina Solutions PDF deals with the topics ‘area of a trapezium’ and ‘area of a polygon’. Subtopics included are the area of a quadrilateral, area of irregular polygons and area of regular polygons. 

Chapter 21 – Surface Area, Volume and Capacity

Chapter 21 of Selina Concise Maths Class 8 Solutions constitutes topics related to Volume and Surface Areas and capacity of Solids. The concepts covered in the chapter include surface areas, capacity and volumes of cube, cuboid and right circular cylinder and more. 

Chapter 22 – Data Handling

Chapter 22 of Selina Publishers Mathematics for Class 8 Solutions, mainly deals with frequency distribution, grouping of data using the distribution table and plotting of histogram on the graphs.

Chapter 23 – Probability

Students can learn the concepts related to probability in this chapter. Probability is a concept which can be learnt by some experiments and their outcomes. Chapter 23 of Selina Publishers Concise Mathematics for Class 8 Solutions PDF also deals with some problems related to the probability of occurrence of an event including the objective type questions to solve.

ICSE Maths Solution Class 8 helps students to have a deeper understanding of concepts covered in the Mathematics textbook. Practising the ICSE Selina Solutions for Class 8 will help the students to analyze their level of preparation and the understanding of concepts.

With the help of these solutions, students can clear their doubts effortlessly. The ICSE Maths Solution Class 8 list comprises all the chapter-wise answers which are written in a very clear and lucid manner for better understanding. These questions and ICSE Mathematics Class 8 Solutions are a collection of important questions and answers which are systematically arranged chapter-wise. Our subject experts prepare these Selina Publishers Mathematics for Class 8 Solutions and if practised thoroughly, will bring about fruitful results.

ICSE Maths Class 8 Solutions enable students to understand all the fundamentals of Maths. In our solutions, you can find answers to each problem in a diagrammatic form. In case they have any doubts, they can refer to our solutions to clear it. The ICSE Class 8 Maths Solution are prepared as per the ICSE Class 8 Maths syllabus which states that it is a perfect revision material for students once they complete the whole textbook syllabus.

Advantages of Concise Mathematics Class 8 Selina Solutions

Learning Selina Publishers Mathematics for Class 8 Solutions is one way to ace your examination with high marks. These Solutions are beneficial for solving difficult questions in the ICSE Class 8 Maths exam. The subject experts at BYJU’S write our Selina Solutions with the utmost care and focus.

These Concise Selina Solutions for ICSE Class 8 Mathematics will give you a more in-depth insight on the basic concepts in this chapter, helping you in scoring better marks in the final examination. On top of that, these ICSE Mathematics Class 8 Solutions help students in comparing their answers with those given here to check if the answers they wrote are right.

Students of Class 8 are advised to solve the questions from the ICSE Maths Class 8 Solution once they are done with the complete syllabus. Selina Publishers Mathematics for Class 8 Solutions will help them to be more confident and accurate while solving the final exam question paper.

*The Selina Solutions for the academic year 2021-22 will be updated soon.

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