ICSE Class 1 Sample Paper

The CISCE is one such board that does not offer textbook-oriented education, and hence, students get the freedom to nurture their creativity and qualities. The board maintains a world-class educational standard and also provides extensive subjects. ICSE involves students in active learning, and it develops the habit of researching various topics, as well. ICSE gives importance to education right from class 1, and hence performing well in the examination helps you prove your proficiency. The Sample Paper will help the tiny tots familiarise the ICSE Class 1 exam pattern they are about to face.

In order to score well and start preparing for higher classes the best way, you have to make sure that you make use of every opportunity to learn. ICSE Sample Papers are very useful for students to check if they have covered all the topics or if some are left out.

Download the ICSE Class 1 Sample Papers from the links given in the table below.

ICSE Sample Paper for Class 1 Maths
ICSE Sample Paper for Class 1 Science
ICSE Sample Paper for Class 1 Social Science
ICSE Sample Paper for Class 1 English Language
ICSE Sample Paper for Class 1 English Literature

Importance of Sample Papers:

Solving sample paper helps you to:

  1. Fight exam stress and fear.
  2. Analyse your preparation so far.
  3. Revise the subjects.
  4. Improve self-confidence, speed and accuracy.
  5. Understand the Marking scheme and time management.


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