ICSE Sample Paper Class 10


The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, called in short as the ICSE, is the name of the boards coming under the council for the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. The ICSE is renowned for its the name that it has created for itself as one of the prestigious boards to be currently enrolling students in our country.

With class 10 is an important time in the life of a student. This is wherein the student must make some selfish choices about what sparks their interest and what to do with it. Thus the importance of class 10 cannot be neglected. By working on ICSE 10th sample papers, candidates will be able to understand the exam pattern and also be able to evaluate the knowledge they have acquired till now. Thus according to how the student does in the sample paper exam, they can find out where they are weak at and do accordingly.


Practise This Question

In how much time (in seconds) should a charge of 10 C (coulombs) flow between the two terminals so as to maintain a constant current of 100 A (amperes)?

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