ICSE Physics Class 10 Book


ICSE class 10 is very much important for a student, because the marks scored in class 10 will be used to take admission in the desired stream of class 11. To score good marks in class 10th examination one must start studying as early as possible. If you start studying early, then you will be able to complete the syllabus 2 months prior to your final examination.

While preparing for the examination it is advised to solve previous year question papers and sample papers, solving previous year question papers and sample papers help to get acquainted with the latest exam pattern, types of questions asked in the examination, important question etc.

It is recommended to prepare a study time table so that you don’t miss a single topic from any subject, try to change your time table every week, changing the time table on a regular basis will help you to stay focused.

Apart from study time table you will have to read some good books to understand the topics in a better way. You can also refer to icse physics class 10 book pdf if you are studying using a smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.

Below is the list of best class 10 physics books.

Sl No

Book Name

Author Name


Icse Concise Physics – Class 10



Together With Physics for ICSE Class 10

Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gandhi


S. Chand’s ICSE Physics Book 2

Pankaj Bhatt

Practise This Question

A current carrying conductor is placed from West to East direction. What will be the direction of the force due to Earth's magnetic field?

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