ICSE Class 7 Chemistry

The science of matter, or its properties when it reacts with other matters, is called Chemistry. Chemistry is a physical science, and it analyses the laws of nature. It is regarded as one of the most fundamental sciences as everything in the universe obeys these natural laws. Chemistry is that branch of science which deals with the composition and constitution of matters and the changes that they experience as a result of the alterations in the structure of their molecules, with or without a chemical reaction.

Why should you learn chemistry in Class 7?

  • Chemistry helps you in understanding the world around you.
  • Chemistry is considered to be the heart of cooking.
  • Knowledge in chemistry can help you in understanding the difference between the chemicals used in households.

ICSE Class 7 Chemistry Chapters

Matter and its Composition

Physical and Chemical Changes

Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Atomic Structure

Language of Chemistry

Metals and Non-Metals

Air and Atmosphere

ICSE Class 7 Chemistry Syllabus

ICSE Class 7 Chemistry Sample paper

ICSE Class 7 Chemistry Important questions

ICSE Class 7 Chemistry Videos

How to prepare for ICSE Class 7 Chemistry Examination?

  • Understand instead of Memorising.
  • Highlight important points, formulas and equations with different colours.
  • Take notes of the important concepts.
  • Make it a habit to practice daily.

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