ICSE Class 9 Chemistry Book

ICSE Class 9 is very important for a student because most of the topics that are taught in Class 9 are the basics of the topics which will be taught in Class 10. So, to score good marks in ICSE class 10th examination, one must understand each and every chapter of Class 9 Chemistry.

ICSE Class 9 Chemistry Books

In Class 9, many new topics and chapters are introduced, like the Periodic Table, Newland’s Law of Octave, and Modern Periodic Law. Knowing these topics is very much important to understand the concepts of Chemistry in further classes. Below is a list of some good books you can follow to score good marks in the examination.

Serial No.



1. Candid (ICSE) Chemistry Class – 9 MRS.Baljinder Kaur
2. IC.S.E. Concise Chemistry for Class 9 S.P Singh
3. Simplified ICSE Chemistry for Class-9 Dr. Viraf J. Dalal

Experts also suggest solving previous year question papers and sample papers because solving the previous year question paper will give an idea of the types of questions asked in the examination, important questions, marking scheme etc. Apart from solving previous year questions and sample papers, you must study using some good books because if you don’t understand the topics clearly, then it will be difficult for you to write the answers in the examination.

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