ISC Class 12 Maths

Mathematics is an important subject of study for students who want to pursue a career in the field of engineering, business administration, chartered accountancy, statistics or even economics. For even those who do not wish to pursue a career in fields related to maths, but have it as a subject in their ISC, it becomes important to score well in each subject.

Tips to prepare for the ISC Class 12 Maths Examination?

  1. Complete studying the topics given in the syllabus well ahead of the examination.
  2. Improve your question-solving skills by practising a lot of problems under each category.
  3. Revise all the important questions and formulas from a chapter every week.
  4. Do not just mug up formulae. Understand the application aspect of them well.

ISC Class 12 Maths Chapters

Relations and Functions Three – Dimensional Geometry
Algebra Applications of Integrals
Calculus Application of Calculus
Probability Linear Regression
Vectors Linear Programming

ISC Class 12 Maths Syllabus

ISC Class 12 Maths Previous Year Paper

ISC Class 12 Maths Sample Paper

ISC Class 12 Maths Important Questions

ISC Class 12 Maths Videos

How to Score Well in ISC Class 12 Maths Examination?

  • Before you start the exam, utilize the first 15 minutes for scanning the paper. Read the question paper thoroughly before jumping to write the answers.
  • Among the questions with internal choices, select the ones that you plan to attempt, and frame skeletons of the answers you are going to write for these questions.
  • Follow a pattern. For example, in case you start with long answer questions, complete that section and only then move to short or very short answer section.
  • Highlight the important points and write your answer in points to enhance visibility.

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