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ICSE Class 2 EVS Syllabus

EVS or environmental studies is one of the 3 major subjects that you learn in class 2. Maths and Science being the other 2, students usually give less importance to EVS. But, as a surprise to many, environmental science is as important as the rest as it delivers the important etiquettes that have to be adopted by the students in real life. The syllabus of the subject is necessary as it is a subject that adds up to your total marks in the final exam. BYJU’S provides you with the ICSE Class 2 EVS Syllabus so as to make it easier for you to face the examination.

Download ICSE Class 2 EVS Syllabus

The Syllabus of ICSE Class 2 EVS includes the topics given below:

  • Theme 1: About Me
  • Theme 2: Others in my World
  • Theme 3: My Needs – Food
  • Theme 4: My Needs – Water
  • Theme 5: My Need – Shelter
  • Theme 6: My Need – Clothing
  • Theme 7: My Need – Air
  • Theme 8: Keeping oneself Clean, Safe and Healthy
  • Theme 9: Places in the Neighbourhood
  • Theme 10: Plants
  • Theme 11: Animals
  • Theme 12: Transport
  • Theme 13: Communication
  • Theme 14: The World Around Me: Sun, Moon, Sky and Stars
  • Theme 15: Time, Space, Direction


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