ICSE Class 9 Physics

ICSE Class 9 Physics is that branch of Science which deals with the study of matter and its motion. The subject, Physics, also deals with the interaction of matter and its motion with energy and forces. It is a vast subject. Electricity, motion, waves, sound, light etc., are a few of the numerous branches of Physics. From the tiniest elementary particles to the most massive stars and the universe, Physics covers it all.

We have provided below all the necessary study materials for ICSE Physics Class 9, which will help students while preparing for their exams. Students can download these ICSE Physics Class 9 study materials in PDF format so that they can refer to them whenever they have any doubts or confusion.

ICSE Physics Class 9 Chapters

Measurements and Experimentation Heat and Energy
Motion in One Dimension Reflection of Light
Laws of Motion Propagation of Sound Waves
Pressure in Fluids and Atmospheric Pressure Current Electricity
Upthrust in Fluids, Archimedes’ Principle and Floatation Magnetism

ICSE Physics Class 9 Syllabus

ICSE Class 9 Physics syllabus is prepared by the CISCE Boards and covers the complete course content that needs to be studied for that particular academic session. The syllabus also provides detailed information about the time duration, marking scheme, important topics, etc. Before starting the exam preparation, students should go through the syllabus of their respective subjects. Having proper knowledge of the syllabus will help them to fetch good marks.

ICSE Physics Class 9 Concise Selina Solutions

The Concise Selina Solutions of Physics for ICSE Class 9 help students clear their doubts if they have any. With the help of these solutions, students can cover the entire syllabus before the exam. The ICSE Class 9 Physics solutions are prepared by our subject experts. These solutions are in accordance with the ICSE Physics Class 9 Syllabus. The solutions are solved in a proper step-by-step format in a simple language so that students can understand them easily.

ICSE Physics Class 9 Sample Paper

The sample paper of ICSE Class 9 Physics provides students with an ample number of questions from each chapter to practice before the exam. It helps students to get an idea about the question paper pattern, weightage of marks, important topics, etc. These sample papers are in accordance with the ICSE Physics syllabus of Class 9, and solving them will help students to boost their confidence level while writing the final question paper.

ICSE Physics Class 9 Important Questions

ICSE Physics Class 9 Important Questions help students to revise all the important topics chapter-wise before the exam. The important questions of Physics are prepared, keeping in mind the syllabus of Physics as prescribed by the Board. Going through these important questions will give students an idea of which topic to concentrate more. Familiarising yourself with the important questions from different topics of ICSE Class 9 Physics is the first step towards ensuring that you are all ready to face the exams.

ICSE Physics Class 9 Videos

For subjects like Physics, video learning helps a lot while clearing complex topics. It explains suitable and illustrative examples related to day-to-day life activities. With proper examples, students can easily grasp tough concepts. Nowadays, students refer to videos once they are done studying the ICSE Class 9 textbook.

How to prepare for ICSE Class 9 Physics Examination?

  • Plan a timetable and study likewise, without fail.
  • Write down the formulas in the subject near your study table to go through them regularly.
  • Make short notes while studying so that you can refer to them on the day before the examination.

Frequently Asked Questions on ICSE Class 9 Physics


How many chapters are available in the ICSE Class 9 Physics?

About 10 chapters are available in the ICSE Class 9 Physics, which can be studied well by the students based on the study materials they refer to.

How to ace well in the ICSE Class 9 Physics exam?

Students can ace well in the ICSE Class 9 Physics exam with the help of various study resources according to the latest resources available on the internet.

Why is it necessary to refer to the ICSE Class 9 Physics at BYJU’S?

In Science, Physics is an important subject which contains various concepts, images and numericals, which are crucial at all levels of education.


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