ISC Class 11 Syllabus for Maths

ISC Syllabus for Class 11 Maths is provided here for students studies. ISC Class 11 Maths is an important subject for the students. It helps to build concepts that are asked in the competitive examination. Students see a gradual change in ISC Class 11 Maths Syllabus. Thus, it is crucial for them to have an idea about it. Getting acquainted with the syllabus of Class 11th Maths will help them knowing this. Also, ISC Class 11 Maths Syllabus help students to know the topics, marks weightage, evaluation scheme, project work, activities etc.

ISC Class 11 Maths Syllabus 2021-22: Download PDF

We at BYJU’S provide students to class 11th with the Maths Syllabus that would help them in getting a brief idea about the pattern of examination and as well as mark-wise weightage of each chapter which is as follows:

Marks Weightage of ISC Class 11 Maths Syllabus

S.No. Unit Total Weightage
Section A: 65 Marks
1. Sets and Functions 20 Marks
2. Algebra 24 Marks
3. Coordinate Geometry 08 Marks
4. Calculus 06 Marks
5. Statistics & Probability 07 Marks
Section B: 15 Marks
6. Conic Section  07 Marks
7. Introduction to three-dimensional Geometry 05 Marks
8. Mathematical Reasoning 03 Marks

Section C: 15 Marks

9. Statistics 05 Marks
10. Correlation Analysis 04 Marks
11. Index Numbers and Moving Averages 06 Marks
Total 80 Marks

ISC Syllabus for Class 11 Maths

Section A

  1. Sets and Functions
    (i) Sets
    ii) Relations & Functions
    (iii) Trigonometry
  1. Algebra
    (i) Principle of Mathematical Induction
    (ii) Complex Numbers
    (iii) Quadratic Equations
    (iv) Permutations & Combinations
  1. Coordinate Geometry
    (i) Straight Lines
    (ii) Circles
  1. Calculus
    (i) Limits & Derivatives
  1. Statistics & Probability
    (i) Statistics
    (ii) Probability

Section B

  1. Conic Section
    (i) Parabola
    (ii) Ellipse
    (iii) Hyperbola
  1. Introduction to three-dimensional Geometry
  1. Mathematical Reasoning

Section C

  1. Statistics
  1. Correlation Analysis
  1. Index Numbers and Moving Averages

We hope students have found this information on ISC Class 11 Maths Syllabus useful for their studies. To get the syllabus for all the subjects of class 11 and 12, visit ISC Syllabus page. Stay tuned for the latest update on ICSE/ISC/CBSE/State Board and competitive exams.

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