CISCE, is the board of examination that conducts exams for class 10th and 12th for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination (ICSE) and Indian School Certificate (ISC) respectively.

Class 11th is important for the students as it helps students to prepare some concepts that are usually asked in the competitive examination. Students see gradual change in the syllabus in class 11th, thus it is crucial for them to have an idea about the syllabus. Getting acquainted with the syllabus of class 11th Maths would benefit the students with the pattern of examination.

We at BYJU’S provide students to class 11th with the Maths Syllabus that would help them in getting a brief idea about the pattern of examination and as well as mark-wise weightage of each chapters which is as follows:

Section A: 80 Marks
1. Sets and Functions 22 Marks
2. Algebra 34 Marks
3. Coordinate Geometry 8 Marks
4. Calculus 8 Marks
5. Statistics & Probability 8 Marks
Section B: 20 Marks
6. Conic Section 12 Marks
7. Introduction to three-dimensional Geometry 4 Marks
8. Mathematical Reasoning 4 Marks

Section C: 20 Marks

9. Statistics 6 Marks
10. Correlation Analysis 6 Marks
11. Index Numbers and Moving Averages 8 Marks
Total 100 Marks
  1. Sets and Functions(i) Setsii) Relations & Functions

    (iii) Trigonometry

  1. Algebra (i) Principle of Mathematical Induction(ii) Complex Number

    (iii) Quadratic Equation

    (iv) Permutation & Combination

  1. Coordinate Geometry(i) Straight Line(ii) Circles
  1. Calculus (i) Limits & Derivatives
  1. Statistics & Probability (i) Statistics(ii) Probability
  1. Conic Section (i) Parabola(ii) Ellipse

    (iii) Hyperbola

  1. Introduction to three-dimensional Geometry
  1. Mathematical Reasoning
  1. Statistics
  1. Correlation Analysis
  1. Index Numbers and Moving Averages

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