ICSE Books For Class 10 Chemistry


The Indian Council of Secondary Education – ICSE is an independent board of education system which is known for its typical educational pattern that allows students to get the quality education. The main progressive aspects of ICSE board is it retains the world-class educational standard and also provides extensive subjects and does not offer textbook oriented education to the students and hence they get the freedom to cultivate their creativity and qualities.

ICSE class 10 Chemistry is all about chemical formulas, reactions, equations, numerical problems, etc. Therefore, regular practice is required to score well in chemistry. Here are few reference books for class 10 chemistry. Apart from the regular textbooks, students can also refer these books to gain more practical knowledge about the subject.

  • Together with Chemistry Class X (ICSE Based) (English) 13th Edition (Paperback) by Anshu (Suri) Gulati.
  • Concise Chemistry I. C. S. E. 2015 (Class 10) (Paperback) by Selina Publishers (2013).
  • Science for 10th Class: Chemistry by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur.
  • ICSE Ten Years Solved Papers Chapter wise Paperback – 2017 by A Panel of Authors.

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Practise This Question

A strip of magnesium is burned in air and the product obtained is allowed to react with sulphuric acid. Which of the following ions are present in the final salt obtained?

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