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Learning apps are the future of education. With the revolution of technology, online learning is becoming a big boom for the 21st century. Students are getting familiar with the latest technology and adopting it for making their learning process easier. The current pandemic situation of COVID-19 has not only aroused the need for ICSE e-learning apps but also made parents, students and teachers realize that there is a need to transition from tradition teaching methodology to online learning. So, to help students learn in a better way, we have come up with the ICSE App.

We at BYJU’S have taken education to the next level of smart learning. We by creating BYJU’S learning app, have tried to make education innovative and fun through the use of technology. Students can download the app by clicking on the link below.

BYJU’S Learning App – For ICSE Students

Features of ICSE App

The ICSE App will provide after school support to the students of classes 6-10 of ICSE exam along with following features.


These educational apps can make you learn anywhere, any time according to your schedule. It’s not in-bound learning, but it’s relaxed learning. You can attend classes from experts at your home as per your convenience. Experts will always there to help you in solving your problems and clear your doubts. Ask your doubts as many times as you want to.


Students can easily access complete ICSE study material and engaging tutorials from anywhere. With its portable nature, you can take it anywhere you want to and learn. The latest technology and methodology creates interest and provides game-based learning to students.

Study Notes: Customized Based On Topics

The user can have access to all the study material, including all the topics and sub-topics without referring to textbooks of different authors.


Track your child’s progress and updates online with a detailed report on every test. You can easily monitor the performance of your child to ensure rapid learning. Find out all the weaker sections and check his improvement every day in different subjects.

Integrated Notepads: For Making and Saving Personal Notes

The app also provides integrated notepads. Now you can make your personal notes and also save your notes for future use.

Video Library: For Enhanced Understanding

You can also enjoy video library and video learning classes by experts and enhance your understanding skill. The video classes are interactive and provide real-time examples along with a conceptual explanation. It helps you to engage and have a better understanding of the subject.

Sample Papers: For Thorough Exam Preparation

It consists of solved and unsolved sample papers of all the subjects. You can solve all the sample papers and make exam preparation thorough.

Are you bored with your daily study routine of reading each line of the textbook and making bulky notes of important points? But beyond a point, you might start to lose interest? Just think if you had an app which provides not just all the learning content, but also personal interactive video classes whenever and wherever you want. This app would be your best friend when you are bored of studying alone. In the present time, you can expect everything to be digitized and accessible at any time.

BYJU’S – The Learning App, one-stop solution to get you all the above features of a perfect learning app. Study, understand, analyse your performance and get connected with your mentors. It provides complete flexibility to study on the go wherever and whenever you want. ICSE Learning app is an innovative technology-based education platform which offers education solutions to students of classes 6-12 for various education boards. Our goal is to make education fun through the use of technology and innovative learning strategies. Start your ICSE exam preparation today with BYJU’S learning App.


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