CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Commerce

Commerce students have to deal with the study of business, economy, monetary transactions, finance, numbers, trade, accounts, and data. They can read about the significance and use of class 12 commerce sample papers for board examinations. The main subjects that are covered in the commerce stream for class 12 are as follows:

  •     Accountancy
  •     Business studies
  •     Economics

These are the core subjects that need to be studied in both the years. Therefore, commerce revolves around these three core subjects. However, ranging from enterprise to enterprise, the substitution can be music, dance, history, psychology, and more such subjects.

Key Advantages of Practicing the Sample papers for Class 12 CBSE Commerce

  •     Helps you measure your preparation: Sample papers certainly assist you to measure your preparation for the examination regulated by the board and familiarises you with the pattern of questions asked by the board.
  •     Helps you to solve papers in three hours: Practice solving the sample papers within three hours. It prepares you for solving the question paper in the final exam.
  •     Helps you to score well: The sample papers give you an idea of what kind of questions appear in the examination and helps you to score well.

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