Commerce Books for Class 11

Class 11 CBSE is the stepping stone in college education for students after finishing the Class 10 Board Exams, therefore it is very essential to learn all the fundamentals of the subject, in order to have a strong grasp on the concepts. It is especially true in the case of Commerce stream.

At BYJU’S, we believe that powerful learning is invaluable for students, therefore we have devised a comprehensive learning package for CBSE Class 11 Commerce students, which will encourage them in forming a clear idea of the fundamentals as well as help in scoring marks with ease in the examinations.

Students who have extensive knowledge about the concepts have better chances to score well not only in the boards but also in the entrance exams that one would appear for.

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The study materials that we provide for CBSE Class 11 Commerce incorporate revision notes, high-quality videos, sample papers and test series. All of these will assist the students to score well in the examination. We provide free textbook solutions to (for NCERT and TS Grewal textbooks) which are helpful. Students can refer to the solved Sample Papers which will help CBSE Class 11 Commerce students to prepare and revise all the topics before the exam.

Now, let us take a look at some significant commerce books for Class 11 for the core subjects. Below, we have listed Commerce Books for 11th Class CBSE for accountancy, Business Studies and Economics for students.


As a student of Class – 11 studying Commerce, you are acquainted with the basics of accounting, GAAP, a book of original entry, recording of the transaction through the finalisation of accounts.

The following books can help you with guidance for better learning:

  • D.K Goel
  • T.S Grewal
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Business Studies:

Business studies begin with providing a transparent view of the nature and purpose of business, the types of industries and the activities related to business, internal trade and international business. It gives an insight into the forms of business organisations, the idea of e-banking and the knowledge about the structure of a company and its requirements.

As we can see, this is a subject that is entirely theoretical. NCERT is the main book that is to be read thoroughly for this subject. However, for various reasons, make time for the best reference books for this subject that include:

  • Poonam Gandhi
  • Sandeep Garg
  • Meena Verma
  • Subhash Dey


Economics primarily deals with is concepts like industrial sectors, agricultural, demographic condition, foreign trade, occupational structure and the infrastructure, the goals of 5-year plans and demonstration of the trade policy. The challenges met by an economy, its pertinence, causes and remedies are explained in detail.

Here are a few reference books for Economics:

  • T.R. Jain and V.K. Okhri
  • Sandeep Garg
  • B. Sachdeva

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