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Class 11 Commerce


  • Congratulations for choosing commerce as a Stream – A Great Career Option. Now that you have chosen Commerce Stream it is sure that you have genuine interest in the Business, Numbers and the Economy.
  • The most interesting things which you are going to learn and master are about Money, Finance, Accounting, Business, Economy and stock markets etc.

Main subjects in class 11

The main subjects that are covered in the Commerce stream in Class 11 are:Accountancy

  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Informatics Practices
  • English

Foundation for opportunities in the world of commerce

  • Commerce class 11th is the foundation for the immense opportunities in the commerce stream.
  • It is utmost important to study properly and gain knowledge of every subject, chapter and topic of this level.
  • Whatever is being studied at this level becomes the base for studies in the courses in class 12th and subsequent studies in commerce.

Learn the core of Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies

  • You need to study subjects like Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies very well as you will meet the same subjects in class 12th in commerce stream.
  • The level of study and toughness of the subjects will increase as you go to the next level but the fundamentals and basics learnt in class 11 will make those tough chapters/topics look easy to learn and understand.

Study Hard and Score well

  • You need to study hard and score well in class 11th as this is the foundation of the building named commerce. This will not only help you in class 12th but also in careers after class 12th,

Project work to be taken seriously

  • Examination of class 11th is important for sure but you need to focus on project work as well.
  • Thus it becomes imperative for students not to take project work of class 11th lightly in any case.

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