GSEB Books

GSEB stands for the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board which is responsible for defining the education system for Gujarat State. The gujarat secondary and higher secondary education board has been in action since 1972 since the Gujarat Secondary Education Act. The syllabus has been structured by GSEB and recommends its textbooks for the students.

Students can download the PDFs and learn the syllabus effectively to pass with good grades in the GSEB HSC exam. The gseb books are available for English and Gujarati medium. These textbooks are provided by the collaboration between the Gujarat Council of Educational Research, and Training and Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks.

Students can access the textbooks for classes 1 to 12 from the table below:

Download GSEB Textbooks PDFs

Significance of GSEB Books

GSEB book is one of the most important study material for any class and subject. Textbooks provide a syllabus for the course because the authors or the board members have made decisions about what will be taught in what order.

  • It also provides students with a road map of the course to know what to study in which manner.
  • Textbooks also have activities, readings, and visuals hence save teacher’s time in developing such activities.
  • Some textbooks include evaluation tools and tests which help teachers to assess students in various ways.

GSEB textbooks for English Medium from class 1 to class 12 are available here. The textbooks are provided in a downloadable format so that it is easy for the students to download and access whenever they want. These free PDFs of GSEB textbooks for classes 1 to 12 cover all the chapters prescribed by the Gujarat board.

Students can download the books from the link given above. Also, to understand the GSEB New Syllabus you can checkout GSEB Syllabus on BYJU’S.

In 2017, the Gujarat State Board launched the new syllabus for SSC and HSC. Register with BYJU’S to get the GSEB syllabus, GSEB textbooks pdf, sample papers and more.

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