GSEB Class 10 Social Science Textbooks

A textbook is one of the most important and vital tools in a student’s academic life. It provides an organised course structure. Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board students should be thorough with their prescribed Social Science textbook for Class 10. It will help them to understand the concepts thoroughly. Along with the textbooks, students should also refer to other study materials to score better marks in the exam. These textbooks are approved and sanctioned by the GSEB Board and are prepared according to the GSEB syllabus. Even teachers also refer to these textbooks while creating the board question paper.

Social Science is a branch of science that deals with human behaviour in its social and cultural aspects. In the table below, we have mentioned chapter wise PDF of GSEB Class 10 textbook of Social Science textbook, both in English and Gujarati Medium. Students are advised to solve the practice questions provided at the end of each chapter as well as the sample papers of Class 10 Social Science.

Download GSEB Class 10 Social Science Textbook PDFs -English Medium

Download GSEB Class 10 Social Science Textbook PDFs -Gujarati Medium


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