Gujarat Board SSC Class 10 Science Important Questions

Gujarat State Education board conduct the exam for both secondary and as well as for senior secondary sections. To score good marks in Class 10 Science examination, students must go through Gujarat board SSC Class 10 Science important questions so that they get a brief idea of the exam pattern and the marking schemes. Important questions of Class 10 Science Gujarat Board is based on the latest syllabus of Class 10 Science issued by GSEB. Solving these GSEB Class 10 Science Important Questions is the best practice to face the board exams, more confidently. These GSEB Class 10 Science Important Questions covering topics from the textbook are created after proper research of the previous year papers to include the questions that are most likely repeated in the board exams, over the years.

GSEB Class 10 Science Important Questions

Important question of Class 10 Science will help students to brush up their knowledge and to overcome the exam fear. Class 10 plays a vital role as it acts as a deciding factor during the admission factor. Students should practice Gujarat board SSC Class 10 important questions before the exam so that they can score good marks in the Class 10 examinations because it helps students to get a college of their choice.

Gujarat Board SSC Class 10 Science important question is a necessary resource for the students as it will develop their skills for several questions from the gseb science textbook, which are generally neglected by students. Practising important questions for Class 10 Science makes learning effective for students and also improves their performance in the exam.

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Class 10 Science Important Questions

  1. Describe the construction of Voltaic cell with a neat diagram.
  2. Explain Electrolysis. Write Faraday’s laws of Electrolysis.
  3. Discuss in detail the precautions to be taken while using electricity.
  4. What is the work of Fuse?
  5. Describe in short, Frasch method to obtain Sulphur.
  6. Write the uses of Non-metals.
  7. Explain the phenomenon of Blood-clotting.
  8. Explain how vestigial organs support the theory of Evolution.
  9. Describe the Refraction of light through a rectangular glass slab.
  10. Explain the Lateral Shift.
  11. Describe Hall-Heroult method to get pure Aluminium from
  12. Alumina. (Diagram necessary)
  13. State the different stages of Metallurgy and give information about each in short.
  14. Describe the “Light Phase” of Photosynthesis process
  15. Describe the human respiratory system in detail.
  16. Explain the work of an Electric Generator with diagram.
  17. What is concentration or enrichment of Ore? Explain the method of enrichment of ore containing Sulphide with diagram.
  18. Explain Sex determination.
  19. Explain the allotropes of Sulphur.
  20. Explain Bayer’s method for obtaining Alumina from Bauxite with equations.


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