GSEB Class 9 English Textbook

GSEB Class 9 English textbook is highly recommended for the students of Class 9. For GSEB Class 9 students, the year marks a turning point in their academic life as it is now that students create a strong foundation for their higher classes. They score good percentile in this class, thus ensuring that their board exams will be easier. For these students, it is always advisable to begin their exam preparation from the lower classes, so that they can master the concepts of the subject more easily. These Class 9 GSEB English Books are prescribed by the board, as per the latest syllabus. All the chapters are designed by a panel of subject experts with proper focus on detailed chapter wise topics and concepts.

GSEB Class 9 English Textbook

The GSEB Book of Class 9 English uses simple language to explain the concept, so that everyone can easily get a grip of the topic. Students can just refer to the GSEB 9th Class English Textbook to master the concepts, grammar and spellings well. While preparing for their English exam, students should refer to the English textbook, so that they can face the exam with full confidence. Here, in this article, below, we have provided PDF of the GSEB Class 9 Book of English for the students to download and use for future reference.

Students can just click on the links mentioned below to access the respective PDF formats of the GSEB Class 9 English textbook. For the convenience of uploading the files we have divided the book into two sections, first from pg 1 to page 69 and the second section from page 70 to pg 136.

Download GSEB Class 9 English PDF

Meanwhile, find the list of chapter names from the textbooks in the article below.

English Second Language Chapter Names

  • Cheetah’s Tears
  • Dental Health
  • Mohan And His Veena
  • Call Of The Hills
  • Rani Ki Vaav
  • The Night Train At Deoli
  • Adolescent’s Speak
  • A Day In The Life Of An Indian Fighter Pilot
  • Friend From The Sky
  • Ecology For Peace
  • Valley of Flowers
  • Poems

1. The River

2. The Useful Plough

3. Be The Best

4. Saw The Sea

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