Gujarat Board HSC Class 12 Biology Important Questions

Class 12 Biology is an essential subject for the students who are preparing for medical exams like NEET, AIIMS and here every student requires a deep knowledge of this subject. Therefore, the important questions for Gujarat board HSC Class 12 Biology, helps students in preparing for their exams. Important questions of Class 12 Biology are in accordance with the latest Gujarat board curriculum and are from the various chapters in the Gujarat board syllabus. By solving these important question for Class 12 Biology, students can analyse their preparation and get acquainted with a wide range of questions. Answering the GSEB Class 12 Biology Important Questions help the students to get familiar with a wide variety of questions of various difficulty levels.

GSEB Class 12 Biology Important Questions

Gujarat board biology syllabus covers topics such as Physiology of plants, Physiology of animals, Biology of human welfare,etc and according to the topics, the subject experts have prepared the important questions for Class 12 Biology. Practising the Class 12 Biology important questions will help students to test their knowledge, so that they can improve it before the final exam. Important questions of Class 12 Biology are necessary for the students for both Class 12 board and medical examination.

Important question of Class 12 Biology covers all the important topics and concepts from the Gseb Biology textbook that the students need to study for the Class 12 board exam. By practising important questions for Class 12 Biology students will get an idea about what type of questions they can expect from each topic in their board exams.

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1. Explain Human Embryo Development.

2. Explain Ovarian cycle

3. Explain some common problems of Adolescence

4. Write adaptations to water scarcity and high temperature in plant.

5. Explain Pectoral girdle and bones of Forelimbs.

6. Describe the process occurred m cytoplasmic matrix of Mitochondrion. (Chart is required)

7. Why it is said that Bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizers are better in comparison to chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers respectively?

8. Explain the effect of changing concentration of atmospheric CO2 on respiration and photosynthesis.

9. Explain Human Embryo development after Morula stage.

10. Explain Negative feed-back regulation. Explain mode of action of Peptide hormones.

11. Give name of any two non-biodegradable waste and explain how to control the Industrial Pollution.

12. Write the range of Regeneration in any four animals and describe type of Regeneration.

13. Describe the pioneer stage of Hydroseric succession and Xeroseric succession.

14. Draw T.S. of Anther and explain the structure of Pollen grain and Embryo sac.

15. Explain Fertilization in plants. (Diagram is necessary)

16. Draw a labelled diagram showing circulation path in human heart. Explain rhythm and regulation of Heart-beat.

17. Draw a labelled diagram of the internal structure of Kidney and explain any two phases of urine formation.

18. Draw a chart of Glycolysis and explain Dephosphorylation and also write the equation.

19. Draw diagram of hind limb along with Pelvic girdle and describe Pelvic girdle.

20. Define Ecological Efficiency. Give four formulae to measure it.

21.  Explain cell division that occurs during gamete formation

22. Explain the structure of the wall of the uterus.

23.  Write a short note of digestion in stomach.

24. Explain the packaging of DNA Helix.

25. Explain Restriction Enzymes in detail.

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