Gujarat Board Class 2 Textbooks- Maths- EVS

Class 2 takes the children through different and varied concepts of maths and EVS, aiming to provide a foundation in these subjects. Some find maths easy to do, while some others may find it difficult to understand. Keeping this in mind, the Gujarat Board Class 2 Textbooks- Maths- EVS is designed to make the subject more interesting. Teaching the basics of maths or EVS to children becomes more easy with these books.

Get Gujarat Board Class 2 Textbooks- Maths- EVS PDFs in English Medium

Some of the major concepts covered in the Gujarat Board Class 2 Textbooks- Maths- EVS as per the GSEB Syllabus are Let Us Count, Joy of Game, Lion’s Leadership and so for semester 1 book. Topics like Riding an Elephant, Let’s Make Castle, Around Us and more are also covered in the Semester 2 textbook.

Why Use GSEB Class 2 Maths- EVS Textbooks?

  • Kids can get a strong foundation in Maths- EVS
  • Help to engage students with interesting graphics and illustrations
  • Complex concepts explained in simple steps
  • Students get chapterwise questions to practice

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A particle falls from a height h upon a fixed horizontal plane and rebounds. If e is the coefficient of restitution, the total distance travelled before rebounding has stopped is

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