GSEB Class 9 Science Textbooks

The concepts from Science textbook for GSEB Class 9 are covered in textbooks for two semesters, the Class 9 Science and Technology Textbook, Semester 1 and the textbook for Semester 2 Science. Students can find the respective links in the table to download the PDF formats of the GSEB Class 9 Science Textbooks for both the semesters in English and Gujarati medium. Students can just click on the links and access the textbooks.

Download GSEB Class 9 Science Textbooks- English and Gujarati Medium

Find also the list of chapter names from these GSEB textbooks given in the table below:

List of Chapters from GSEB Class 9 Science Textbooks

GSEB Class 9 Science Textbook Semester 1
Chapter Nos Chapters Listed
1 Motion
2 Force and Laws of Motion
3 Gravitation
4 Properties of Matter
5 Structure of Atom
6 The Fundamental Unit of Life: The Cell
7 Plant Tissues
8 Animal Tissues
9 Why Do We Fall Ill?
GSEB Class 9 Science Textbook Semester 2
Chapter Nos Chapters Listed
1 Work, Energy and Power
2 Wave Motion and Sound
3 Periodic Classification of Elements
4 Chemical Bonding
5 Chemical Reactions
6 Diversity in Living Organisms-I (Classification of Plants)
7 Diversity in Living Organisms-II (Classification of Animals)
8 Our Natural Resources
9 Food Resources

GSEB Textbooks for Class 9 students help them to comprehend the basics of the concepts. Students should have a strong grasp on their basics to understand higher-level concepts.

Students can reach out to BYJU’s for additional study materials or other notifications such as GSEB All Articles List and so on.

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