Gujarat Board Class 9 Maths Sample Papers

Many disregard class 9 as unimportant. However, it is a very crucial year for students, as it sets the foundation for class 10 subjects. They will also realize the need to study well for the exams. The Gujarat Board Class 9 Maths Sample Papers is a tool that can help students to learn any subject more effectively. They can also get a lot of practice before the exams. Scoring well in the GSEB class 9 exams becomes more easy.

Designed as per the latest GSEB Syllabus and curriculum, these sample papers also gives the students an idea about the question and exam pattern.

Download Gujarat Board Class 9 Sample Papers for Maths

Why use GSEB Class 9 Maths Sample Papers?

These are mock test covering the important concepts from the GSEB Books for Class 9, created according to the syllabus.

  • Set in the same pattern as the questions from previous year question papers
  • Know the marks allotment, time per sections and chapter weightage
  • Students can practice and prepare for the exams
  • Get an idea of what to expect in the board exams
  • More confident to answer the questions

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Practise This Question

Mass of two spheres is in the ratio 8:1. Assuming that both of them have the same density, find the ratio of their radii.