GSEB Class 10 Science Textbooks

We have provided here the GSEB Class 10 Science Textbooks in English and Gujarati medium for the students to download and study. Students preparing for the board exams can refer to these books to revise the subject well. These GSEB Class 10 textbooks explain all the complex concepts of the subject in a simple and easy to understand language. The books can be accessed from the respective links given to download the Science textbooks in the required language.

Download GSEB Class 10 Science Textbook PDFs- English & Gujarati Medium

Gujarat State Board Class 10 textbook of Science has many important topics under Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students can find the links to the textbook in the table above. In Class 10, these concepts are combined into a single subject known as Science and Technology. Students mastering the subject will be able to develop a strong foundation for the subjects.

Meanwhile, find the list of chapters found in the index of the textbook:

List of Chapter From GSEB Class 10 Science Textbooks

  • Chapter 1 – Chemical Reactions and Equations
  • Chapter 2 – Acids Bases and Salt
  • Chapter 3 – Metals and Non-Metals
  • Chapter 4 – Carbon and its Compounds
  • Chapter 5 – Periodic Classification of Elements
  • Chapter 6 – Life Process
  • Chapter 7 – Control and Coordination
  • Chapter 8 – How do Organisms Reproduce?
  • Chapter 9 – Heredity and Evolution Solutions
  • Chapter 10 – Light-Reflection and Refraction
  • Chapter 11 – The Human Eye and The Colourful World
  • Chapter 12 – Electricity
  • Chapter 13 – Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
  • Chapter 14 – Sources of Energy
  • Chapter 15 – Our Environment
  • Chapter 16 – Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

We have covered the New syllabus for GSEB Class 10 and Class 12. To get the latest updates on GSEB 2020 exam, keep visiting us. We have also provided the gseb textbook for Classes 1 to 12.


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