Last 5 Years Questions Papers of 10th Gujarat Board

GSEB or Gujarat State Education Board conduct the exam for both secondary and as well as for senior secondary sections in 158 centers. Approximately more than 2 lakh students appear for GSEB HSC Board exam. The candidates can give the examination in any of the three languages English, Hindi, and Gujarati.

To score good marks in class 10 examination, one must solve the previous year question papers because practicing the previous year question papers will give you an idea of the exam paper pattern and the marking scheme. It is also advised to solve the previous year question papers by keeping an eye on the timer. Students should try to solve the question papers within the actual time limit because solving the question paper in the mentioned time duration will help you to manage your time in the board examination.

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Particles of masses 1 g, 2 g, 3 g,........100 g are kept at the marks 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, ........100 cm respectively on a metre scale. What is the moment of inertia of the system of particles about a perpendicular bisector of the metre scale?