GSEB Science Textbook

Science is a very interesting subject, crucial for the students from the elementary classes itself. However, over the years’ education undergoes a paradigm shift with Science for higher classes, focusing more on concept intensive studies as compared to the General or Environmental Science, taught to the children of formative years in the lower classes. In this article we have compiled the class wise GSEB Science Textbook PDFs for Classes 3 to 12. These GSEB Science textbooks of the respective Classes will help the students to prepare more effectively for these exams.

GSEB Science Textbooks

For Classes 3-5, the focus is on Environmental Science or EVS as it is better known. Then from Class 6-10, the focus is on concepts related to Science and Technology, all covered in the Science textbooks of these Classes. Meanwhile, for Class 11 and 12 students, Science subjects are divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology concepts, with a separate GSEB Science textbook provided for each.

Here, for the convenience of the students, we have given the downloadable links for the Gujarat board textbook.

Download GSEB Science Textbook PDFs

GSEB Class 3 EVS Textbook
EVS Textbook For Class 3
GSEB Class 4 EVS Textbook
EVS Textbook For Class 4
GSEB Class 5 EVS Textbook
EVS Textbook For Class 5
GSEB Class 6 Science Textbook
Science Semester 1 Textbook For Class 6

Students can also get more details about the board from BYJU’S. We also provide a clickable link to download Gujarat board textbook from here.

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