Biology Question

Biology questions provide in-depth knowledge of the concepts provided in the ICSE and CBSE textbooks. All the expected queries of the students are answered by the subject matter experts. This provides a detailed insight into the concepts.

The questions are framed from within the content. This can give a clear picture of topics such as photosynthesis, human anatomy, bacteria structure, ecological pyramids, etc. A thorough understanding of the concepts can only be provided if you dive deep into the details. 

The questions are very important from the examination perspective and can help in brushing up the knowledge of the students. The students can clarify their doubts by referring to these questions.

Diffusion is unable to meet the oxygen requirements of multi-cellular organisms such as humans because diffusion is one of the slow processes.
The stem of the sunflower is a dicot stem. The three regions of the stem are: a) Epidermis b) Cortex c) Stele The parenchyma is present in
Hemorrhage is also known as bleeding and it means the loss of blood. When it happens inside the body it is known as internal bleeding and
Following are the difference between short circuit and overload:(a) Short circuit occurs when there is a fault between the line to earth while
Hemoglobin is important for the human body because they carry oxygen from lungs to other tissues of the body. It also helps in transporting
Reproduction provides stability to the population of species by giving birth to young ones. The rate of birth and the rate of death should be a
(a) Parenchyma cells originate from the ground while collenchyma cells originate from the procambium.(b) Parenchyma cells belong to living and
Muscle cramps occur when there is anaerobic respiration taking place in our muscles. During anaerobic respiration, glucose gets converted into
The difference between aves and mammals are as follows:(a) Aves have their body covered in feathers while the bodies of mammals are covered with
Animals that depend on plants for food are herbivores. These completely depend on plants. These have wide and flat molar teeth which help in

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