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Biology is an important subject, hence, an in-depth knowledge of every concept is very essential. The Biology BYJU’S website provides a detailed information of all the concepts mentioned in the textbook. Apart from this, the website also provides answers to questions asked by students. A number of such questions and answers can be found on this page.

The answers are provided by subject matter experts who help students to enhance their conceptual knowledge. This gives a clear picture of the topics provided in the textbook. The students can refer to these questions and score well not just in the school academics but also in the competitive examinations. 

Diseases are abnormalities or a sense of discomfort caused in our body which can be localized to a particular area in the body or can cause
Reproduction is a complex process and is a characteristic feature of all living entities. It is a biological process which is carried out to
Synthetic fibers are omnipresent in today’s age of modernization. They are everywhere around us, in clothing, furnishings, home appliances
What Is A Mutation? A mutation is a modification while copying or replicating DNA molecules resulting in variants of DNA which can be passed onto
Planet earth is facing these three major threats, which are often overlooked. These issues need to be tackled so that the world remains a
Intelligence is a complex characteristic that is influenced by environmental and genetic factors. It is a trait that enables to learn from
Yes, Bacterial cell can survive without a Plasmid DNA. Plasmids are a small, circular, double-stranded DNA molecule present within a Bacterial
No. Both the terms population and species differ from each other. They are the two basic levels of classification of organisms in Ecology. The
Yes, personalities are inherited by our parents. Many research has been carried out by scientists to study the personality of an individual.
Yes, there are few microbes which are helpful to humans in several ways. Microbes are everywhere; they live all around us and are found both

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