Biology Question

Biology questions provide in-depth knowledge of the concepts provided in the ICSE and CBSE textbooks. All the expected queries of the students are answered by the subject matter experts. This provides a detailed insight into the concepts.

The questions are framed from within the content. This can give a clear picture of topics such as photosynthesis, human anatomy, bacteria structure, ecological pyramids, etc. A thorough understanding of the concepts can only be provided if you dive deep into the details. 

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Adrenaline is secreted by the adrenal medulla. It mainly acts on smooth muscles, cardiac muscles, blood vessels, skeletal muscles and fat cells.
An individual trait may increase in a population in the following two ways:- 1. The trait is beneficial to the population: if a trait is
No, we cannot say that there is a better body design as these organisms evolved according to their needs to survive in the environment. If a
Steroid hormones are lipophilic in nature. The lipids present in the cell membranes do not prohibit the entry of lipophilic molecules in the
At the time of puberty, secondary sexual characters develop and sexual maturity takes place. This is manifested by many changes in both girls and
The renal vein leaves the kidneys and carries the blood back to the heart. Since the kidneys extract the nitrogenous metabolic wastes, the renal
In the process of vaccination, infants immune system is activated so that in next invasion of the causative agent, the body could recognize and
The dominance of a trait is tested over at least 3 generations. In the above discussed situation, data from only two generation is given. Hence