ISC Class 11

ISC Class 11 covers various important subjects like Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. ISC stands for Indian School Certificate. It is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations for Grade 11 and 12. The subjects of ISC examination include English as a compulsory subject and a list of elective subjects. The list of electives comprises of subjects like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Geography, Sociology, History, Home Science, etc. Though there is no board exam for Class 11, it acts as the foundation to the subjects and chapters of ISC Class 12.

One of the extremely critical points of the educational journey of a student is the Class 11. In ISC Class 11, some of the most relevant topics to be learned are introduced. These topics are not only essential to grasp the higher-level concepts in grade 12 but, are also very significant for most of the competitive exams. In Class 11, students have the choice to pick their preferred subjects. These subjects need to be appropriately chosen as it determines the career path of the individual. The various study materials provided by BYJU’S will, undoubtedly, help the students in scoring better marks in the exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions on ISC Class 11

What are the important subjects in ISC Class 11?

The important subjects in ISC Class 11 are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Students who aspire to score good grades in the final examination are advised to make use of the various materials available on internet. The important concepts are explained in a easy to understand language for a better understanding among students.

Why should I focus on the ISC Class 11 subjects?

To obtain a strong knowledge of the fundamental concepts, students have to focus on the ISC Class 11 subjects. The topics in Class 12 are a continuation of Class 11 which can be understood well if a student goes through the materials on a regular basis.

Are the study materials for ISC Class 11 available at BYJU’S?

Yes, at BYJU’S students will be able to find study materials such as sample papers, previous year question papers, syllabus and important questions on a regular basis. Using these reference sources, scoring good marks in the final exam will be an easy task.

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