ICSE Class 11

Chemical Bonding in Compounds

Understanding Relative Motion

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education – ICSE board was established in the year 1958 with the main objective to provide the quality education to all students from kg1 to class 12. It has replaced the Cambridge School Certification Examination. ISC class 11 plays an important role in every student’s life as it is the stage of decision for a brighter future. This class is the foundation for both class 12 and higher education. ICSE and ISC exams are known for their wide-ranging and huge syllabus.

ICSE syllabus from kg1 to class 12 are well-prepared by the group of education committee to provide a complete knowledge about every essential subject. ISC class 11 syllabus includes English, language, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Arts, Accountancy, Psychology, Business studies Commerce, and other subjects. The syllabus mainly depends on the combination selected by a particular student based on their interest. Additionally, the syllabus for class 11 is prepared and updated by the ICSE board every year. ICSE board of education system helps students by providing all the required information, including the evaluation or grading system, assignments, projects, reference books, question paper pattern, etc. As this board of education does not follow the ‘textbook oriented’ education system, students are free to prepare their study materials by referring more books and other educational websites.

ISC syllabus for class 11 is available on our website BYJU’S and students can freely download and follow this curriculum thoroughly to get a detailed knowledge of each subject.

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Which of the following is/are effective in prevention and cure of Malaria?