ISC Class 11 Physics Important Questions

Get detailed study material and online resources for ICSE Class 11 first and then study well to score high in the exams. ISC Class 11 Important Questions is very useful as it helps students to prepare well ahead of the Physics exams.

Other study materials the Class 11 students of ISC should use must include the textbooks for Class 11. In these important questions, the topics covered are from the ISC class 11 Physics Syllabus.

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The Important Questions of ISC Class 11 Physics are given below:

  1. Give the dimensions of Boltz-Mann’s constant.
  2. A bullet fired vertically upward falls at the same place after some time. What is the displacement of the bullet?
  3. A constant retarding force of 100N is applied to a body of mass 10kg, moving initially with a speed of 30ms-1. What is the retardation of the body?
  4. State the Principle of Continuity of fluids.
  5. What is the relation between the pressure and the kinetic energy per unit volume of a gas?
  6. Give any one essential feature of Carnot’s ideal heat engine.
  7. Which physical quantity remains conserved in Simple Harmonic Motion?
  8. Round off 3.7846 up to 3 significant figures.
  9. What is meant by absolute error?
  10. Round off 3.7846 up to 3 significant figures.
  11. What is meant by absolute error?
  12. A box of 50kg is lifted by a man of mass 60kg to a height of 50m. Calculate the work done by the man.
  13. How much mass of water can be lifted by a pump motor of 9.8KW in one minute to a height of 5m?
  14. A shot fired from cannon explodes in the air. What will be the changes in the momentum and the kinetic energy?
  15. Two bodies of masses 0.5kg and 1kg are lying in the X-Y plane at points (-1, 2) and (3, 4), respectively. Locate the centre of mass of the system.
  16. Define Orbital Velocity. Obtain the relation between orbital velocity and acceleration due to gravity g, for a satellite orbiting very close to the surface of the earth.
  17. Define the Bulk modulus of elasticity and write an expression in terms of pressure ‘P’, volume ‘V’ and change in the volume ‘ΔV’.
  18. With reference to Elasticity, define the following terms:
    1. Stress
    2. Strain
  19. What is the Magnus effect? Write any one application of this effect.
  20. State the First Law of thermodynamics. Name the physical quantity that remains conserved in this law.


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