ICSE Class 6 Biology

ICSE Class 6 Biology is a subject of great importance in our lives. Everything that happens in and around the world, to the biotic organisms, comes under the subject of Biology. ICSE Class 6 is the year in which the students learn the fundamentals of Biology. The study of plant life and adaptation are the topics that are covered in the ICSE Class 6 Biology Syllabus. It also explains how organisms cooperate with their environment. The Biology subject of Class 6 introduces the students to a wide range of topics related to living organisms, their functions, anatomy and more. Understanding these topics are very much essential for the higher-level concepts in Class 7.

ICSE Class 6 Biology Chapters

Plant Life
The Cell
Human Body
Health and Hygiene

ICSE Class 6 Biology Syllabus

The ICSE Class 6 Biology syllabus is designed in such a way that it keeps the students updated with the advanced curriculum and also with the marking system of the subject. All the necessary topics and sub-topics covered in Class 6 are included in this syllabus.

ICSE Class 6 Biology Sample paper

The sample papers of ICSE Class 6 Biology will help the students understand how the questions will appear in the examination. It will also give an idea of the types of questions that could come for the examination. These sample papers will help students to practise different types of questions from each chapter.

ICSE Class 6 Biology Important questions

Important questions of ICSE Class 6 Biology give the students an idea about the important questions and the topics from which the questions are more likely to be asked. Going through these questions and solving them repeatedly will help the students score better in their examinations.

ICSE Class 6 Biology Videos

How to prepare for ICSE Class 6 Biology Examination?

  1. Prepare a timetable and follow it strictly, without fail.
  2. Practice drawing and labelling of all the diagrams at least five times to be thorough with it.
  3. Write short notes while learning. These notes can be handy during exams.
  4. Cover all the topics well ahead of the exams.

Why should you learn Biology in Class 6?

  1. Biology explains the changes in human bodies.
  2. You will learn about the concepts of basic living.
  3. Learning Biology helps you in answering basic questions about life.
  4. ICSE Biology is a subject that paves the way for numerous scientific investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions on ICSE Class 6 Biology


What are the chapters present in the ICSE Class 6 Biology?

The chapters present in the ICSE Class 6 Biology are plant life, the cell, the human body, health and hygiene and adaptation.

What is the best reference material for the ICSE Class 6 Biology exam?

The solutions given at BYJU’S are the best reference materials for the ICSE Class 6 Biology exam.

Why is the ICSE Class 6 Biology at BYJU’S the best tool for exam preparation?

The ICSE Class 6 Biology at BYJU’S provides suitable answers for the textbook questions according to the guidelines of the CISCE board.


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