ICSE Class 9 Biology Important Questions

Biology, defined as the scientific study of life, is an incredibly broad and diverse field. In many ways, it’s as vivid and vibrant as living organisms themselves. The subject includes the study of cell, genes, inheritance, microorganisms, plants, animals, the human body and the list goes on. The subject Biology in ICSE board class 9 is very vast, and hence, ICSE class 9 important questions play a vital role in helping the students score better marks.

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The Important Questions of ICSE Class 9 Biology are given below:

  1. Define:
    1. Glycolysis
    2. Syncarpous gynoecium
    3. Active absorption
    4. Deplasmolysis
    5. Peristalsis
  2. Give one example of each:
    1. A mammal which destroys stored grain
    2. A flightless bird
    3. The young one of a fish
    4. An antibiotic
    5. A water-borne disease
  3. The given figure shows an experiment performed on germinating seeds.
    1. What does the experimental set-up demonstrate?
    2. Redraw the figure as it would have been observed at the start of the experiment.
    3. Write the chemical equation for the process.

    ICSE Class 9 Biology Important Questions

  4. Write the functions of
    1. Chromoplast
    2. Magnesium (human body)
    3. Stomach
    4. Male urethra
    5. Roughage
  5. Write the full form of
    1. ANS
    2. PGA
    3. PEM
    4. WHO
    5. ERV
  6. Define:
    1. Chlorenchyma
    2. Placentation
    3. Inspiratory reserve volume
    4. Flaccidity
    5. Osmoregulation
  7. How is nitrogen fixation carried out?
  8. Why is the vertebral column curved and not straight?
  9. Mention any two reasons for the rapid increase of population in India.
  10. Describe hyper secretion of cortical hormones.
  11. Write an experiment to prove that air, water and temperature are needed for the germination of seeds.
  12. Describe the mechanism of a scrubber.
  13. State three points of importance of minerals.
  14. State three characteristics of annelids.
  15. Draw the structure of the human alimentary canal.
  16. The given figure shows fertilisation in flower.
    ICSE Class 9 Biology Important Questions-1
    1. Define the process.
    2. Label parts 1-4.
    3. Explain the mechanism of double fertilisation in the above flower.
  17. The given figure shows a certain structure of a cell.
    ICSE Class 9 Biology Important Questions-2
    1. Name the structure.
    2. Why is this structure important for the cell?
    3. Is this structure present in all cells? If not, mention the cell that lacks this structure.
  18. The given figure shows a type of muscle.
    ICSE Class 9 Biology Important Questions-3
    1. Identify the muscle.
    2. Label parts 1 and 2.
    3. Where is it located?
    4. What are the characteristics of this tissue?
  19. State one example of carelessness in disposing research and laboratory waste.
  20. After garbage has been dumped in a landfill, how is the non-useful component of garbage dealt with?

Practise This Question

Golgi bodies in a cell

(A) Synthesize membrane
(B) Form Lysosome
(C) Manufacture proteins
(D) Does detoxification

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