ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Textbooks

ICSE Chemistry for class 8 is a quite vast subject, and the set of questions asked in the board exams is also quite difficult when compared to the other boards in the country. Textbooks for ICSE Chemistry class 8 have always been the storehouse of knowledge, and students should refer to these books for a better understanding of each topic. The chapters that are covered in the ICSE Chemistry class 8 books are Matter, Elements Compounds and Mixtures, Air and Burning, Acid Bases and Salt etc. While preparing for the exams, students should always practise numerical, which are given at the end of each chapter and related questions which are given in different reference books, which would help them to score better marks in the board exams.

ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Books

Here is a list of the reference textbooks for ICSE Chemistry for class 8th, which is updated according to the latest ICSE syllabus.

Sl No. Books Authors
1. Chemistry 8(2/E) John West
2. Chemistry for Middle Class 8 RP Rana Noms
3. ICSE Chemistry for Class 8 Amarnath Mishra
3. Selina Concise Chemistry – Middle School for Class 8 Selina Publication

Indian Council for Secondary Education India, or ICSE, is an autonomous educational body known for imparting the overall development of students. It provides the best learning environment for the students as the method of teaching, syllabus and other study materials are strictly designed under the supervision of the teachers that are in continuous touch with the teachers and the areas in which they face the problem. Class 8 ICSE is an important stage in students’ life as the basic fundamentals of maths and science are taught in this class.

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