ISC Books For Class 11 Chemistry

ISC Books for Class 11 are intended to help students of Class 11 studying under the ISC, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. When studying the concept of Chemistry, it is quite crucial that students take up the right material to learn. If students happen to pick up a material which explains the topic in such a way that it is out of the region, which is recommended by the ISC, students will lose marks for their exams even though they studied well. Thus, it is crucial for students to take up the right study material. That is why we have provided you with Chemistry reference Books for ISC Class 11.

Sl No. Books Authors
1. ISC PRC Chemistry 11 Vol 1 S P Sharma
2. ISC Chemistry For Class XI (Book – I) RD Madan
3. Nootan ISC Chemistry Class XI

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  1. Thank you for the ISC textbook