ICSE Class 9 Maths

ICSE Class 9 Mathematics puts forward a wide range of mathematical topics to the students. Following these topics are very much essential to understand the higher level concepts that arise in class 10. The Maths experts at BYJU’S prepare study materials mainly for the Class 9 students with complete attention and proper references. From textbook solutions and syllabus to sample papers and important questions, the study materials prepared at BYJU’S covers it all.

Why should you learn Maths in Class 9?

  1. You will be able to tell time correctly with the help of mathematics.
  2. The measurement of different ingredients plays a vital role in enhancing the taste of the food you cook. Hence, maths can help you be a better cook.
  3. Math enables you to calculate the substance bought and the cost of it as well helping you shop without paying too much.
  4. Maths can help you sort out your finance, your income and expenses.

ICSE Class 9 Maths Chapters

Rational and Irrational Numbers

Rectilinear Figures

Compound Interest

Construction of Quadrilaterals


Area Theorems



Simultaneous (Linear) Equations



Mean and Median of Ungrouped Data


Mensuration I

Congruent Triangles

Mensuration II

Isosceles Triangles



Coordinate Geometry

Mid-Point and It’s Converse

Graphical Solution

Pythagoras Theorem

Distance Formula

ICSE Class 9 Maths Syllabus

ICSE Class 9 Maths Selina Solutions

ICSE Class 9 Maths Sample paper

ICSE Class 9 Maths Important questions

ICSE Class 9 Maths Videos

How to prepare for ICSE Class 9 Maths Examination?

  1. Prepare a timetable for studying daily and follow it strictly.
  2. Solve as many sample papers as possible to practise the questions that can be asked for the examination.
  3. Make a habit of writing short notes while studying.
  4. Don’t leave any topic (be it small and easy or big and confusing) unattended.

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