ICSE Class 7 Physics Important Questions

Physics is a subject that is considered very difficult as it comprises of complex mathematical calculations, formulas and theorems along with the derivations and theory to learn. Having a proper understanding of all the numerical and theory from the lower class improves your interest and can help you in learning the complex topics that would arise in higher classes. Getting acquainted with the important questions from different topics of Physics from Class 7 ICSE is the first step of making sure that you’ve covered all the essential concepts. ICSE Class 7 Physics Important Questions by BYJU’S is prepared by experts with a mission to help you save time in finalising the type of questions that are important.

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The Important Questions of ICSE Class 7 Physics are given below:

  1. Choose the correct answer out of the four available choices given under each question.
    1. A plastic mug full of water appears lighter inside water due to
      1. Gravitational force
      2. Pressure
      3. Newton’s Third Law
      4. Buoyant force
    2. A person gets a severe shock on touching
      1. a neutral wire
      2. a live wire
      3. an earthing wire
      4. None of above
    3. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a plane mirror?
      1. The magnification of the image formed is 1.
      2. The image can be formed on a screen
      3. The image formed is erect.
      4. The image is formed at the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front of it.
  2. Answer the following questions in one word or one sentence.
    1. Name the unit used to measure the loudness of sound.
    2. What is the law of length?
    3. Which lens would you prefer to use while reading small letters found in a dictionary?
    4. Name the temperature scale which does not have negative temperature readings.
    5. What happens when two bodies are rubbed together?
  3. Fill in the blanks and rewrite the sentences:
    1. No medium is required for the transfer of heat by the process of _____.
    2. A_______mirror can form a real and inverted image.
    3. ________ is the characteristic property of a substance, which decreases with an increase in temperature.
    4. A collection of rays is known as ______of light.
    5. When a body travels with uniform velocity, its acceleration is ______.
  4. Match the items in column A with the appropriate items in column B.
    Column A Column B
    Pitch Frequency
    When two oppositely charged clouds approach each other A concave mirror
    Used by dentist to see enlarged image of teeth Lightning is produced
    Absolute zero m/s²-
    Acceleration 273°K
  5. Define Rotational motion
  6. Explain Angle of incidence
  7. What are infrasonic vibrations?
  8. Write a note on Electroplating
  9. Define Radiation
  10. Identify and classify the following types of motions as rotatory, vibratory, periodic, or translatory motion:
    Motion of spinning top
    The swinging pendulum of a wall clock
    Firing of a bullet from a gun
    Wheel of a moving cycle
    Motion of a plucked string of a sitar
  11. Give one word for the following
    1. When an object is placed over a liquid whose density is less than the density of the object, the object will
    2. The Sun is completely blocked by the Moon.
    3. The method which determine the distance of sound of reflecting surface by producing echo.
    4. The property which is used to generate electricity in generator.
    5. The maximum displacement of the bob on either side of the mean position is
  12. State whether the following statements are True or False
    1. Inertia is the specific property of a body by virtue of which the body changes its state of rest by itself.
    2. Designers of wallpapers and fabrics and artists use periscopes to get ideas for new patterns.
    3. Formation of images s done by ray diagram.
    4. When the chemicals in an electric cell are used up, the electric cell stops producing electricity.
    5. The air from the sea is called the warm air.
  13. Cooking pots are provided with wooden or plastic handles. Why?
  14. What is a pinhole camera? How does the letter F appear in a pinhole camera?
  15. Answer the following questions in short:
    1. Pick out the conductors and insulators from the list:
      Brass, mica, air, silver, aluminium, the human body, lead, copper, glass, plastic, bakelite, rubber, common salt solution, alcohol, mercury, wool, leather, ebonite
    2. On what factors does the time period of a simple pendulum depend?
  16. Draw ray diagrams to show the image formation by a concave mirror, when it is placed
    (i) beyond C (ii) at C
  17. Explain the effects of heat.
  18. What is an echo?
  19. State two conditions necessary for hearing an echo.
  20. What is the radius of curvature of a spherical mirror whose focal length is -0.5 cm? Also name the type of mirror?

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Which physical quantity is used to describe how far a body has travelled?

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