ICSE Class 7 History and Civics Syllabus

The focus of ICSE Class 7 Syllabus of History and Civics is to help children acquire and develop the ability to make interconnections between processes and events; between developments in the past and the present; and between one curricular area to another. The ICSE Class 7 History and Civics syllabus describes the learning outcomes, key concepts, transitional processes and learning resources. To get a complete understanding, download the ICSE Class 7 Syllabus PDF of History and Civics.

Download ICSE Class 7 History and Civics Revised Syllabus 2020-21 PDF

Students can have a look at the core concepts of the History and Civics syllabus below:

Download ICSE Class 7 History Syllabus – The Medieval World

Students can find the main topics of the History syllabus below. The subtopic of these have been provided in detail in the pdf.

Medieval Europe – Rise and Spread of Christianity

  1. Meaning of the term ‘Medieval’, tracing the beginning of Medieval period in the world and India on the basis of evidences.
  2. Socio / political circumstances.
  3. Birth of Christianity.
  4. Roman conquest of Palestine.
  5. Main Teachings of Jesus.
  6. Role of Emperor Constantine in spreading Christianity.
  7. Emergence of Constantinople as a new Christian Capital.

Medieval Europe

  1. Decline of the Ancient Roman Empire.
  2. Byzantium: birth of a new empire
  3. Emergence of the Turks and the Crusades.

Rise and Spread of Islam

  1. Birth of Prophet Mohammad
  2. Early life teachings and five basic principles of Islam
  3. Spread of Islam

The Delhi Sultanate

  1. The Turkish invasions The rule of the five dynasties of Delhi Sultanate period, the important rulers and their significance (briefly):
    – Mamluk / Slave Dynasty -Iltutmish, Ghiyasuddin Balban;
    – Khilji Dynasty – Alauddin Khilji;
    – uglaq dynasty – Mohammand bin Tuglaq.

The Mughal Empire

  1. An Overview of the Mughal Empire.
  2. The first battle of Panipat and establishment of Mughal Empire.
  3. Babur
  4. Akbar: a case study of Akbar and his times. (relation with other rulers, administrator, revenue system, religious policy).
  5. Aurangzeb and his Deccan policy.
  6. Decline of Mughal Empire

Download ICSE Class 7 Civics Syllabus

ICSE Class 7 Civics mainly consists of 2 topics. There are subtopics covered under them, which students can know by downloading the pdf.

The Constitution of India

  1. The Constitution – its meaning and purpose.
  2. The role of the Constituent Assembly.
  3. The Preamble, its aims and objectives.

Directive Principles of State Policy

  1. Welfare State – Features.
  2. Directive Principles of State Policy – Meaning and Importance

We have compiled the syllabus of all the subjects of Class 7 ICSE. Students can access them by visiting the ICSE Class 7 Syllabus page at BYJU’S. Keep learning and stay tuned for further updates on ICSE/CBSE/State Board and other competitive exams.

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